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Business Problem In The Patient Healthcare Industry

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Business Problem in the Patient Healthcare IndustryUniversity of PhoenixMBA 510 -April 25, 2008Team A was assigned a project to research several illustrations of the efficient use of statistics and research methods in solving business related issues. The team examined several examples that established an effective use of statistics in solving business related problems. Examples included male and female with obese related issues and how much time doctors spend with these patients. Considering crucial thought was given to each business related problem, Team A decided to focus on statistical research methods in solving for the amount of time a doctor stays with his obese patient. "Doctor Response to Obese Patients"(survey), provided the team with a perfect case study in which to analyze the effective use of statistics in solving business related problems.Business Problem in the Patient Healthcare IndustryDoctors in the Medical Center are constantly faced with having to adapt to business decision-making strategies to a very complex and dynamic business environment and still treat the patients fairly. Decision makers that can effectively and efficiently collect and analyze the most relevant and reliable consumer data relating to industry trends and activities within the industry can improve on the qualitative and quantitative inferences which can be made from statistical data. Improving the situational awareness in as timely a manner as possible can help doctors realize improvements in customer service satisfaction and increase in profits by satisfying the patients. The costs of not giving critical thought to this business related problem in treating overweight patients fairly could cost a one in profits, potential client growth, and a decrease in the overall standing within the industry.Evidence to Support Problem StatementIn this case study the researchers examined how doctors treat obese patients oppose to normal weight patients. Doctors were randomly assigned to receive the chart of a patient who was either obese or of their normal weight. After reviewing the chart, the Doctor had to specify how much time they believed they were consuming with each patient. For each patient reviewed, the doctor specified that he or she would spend considerable amount of time with each. Each were sent a package of charts containing one similar to the one they view when seeing their patients, with verbiage on a patient who was healthy having but now having bad headaches. The gender and the weight of the patient were manipulated. The weight of the patient, described in terms of Body Mass Index was average at 23 and overweight at 30 and or obese 36 Doctors receive one of the unique six charts. The doctors were told to review the charts carefullt and fill out two of the medical forms or surveys regarding the patients. The doctors were to give their recommendation for each patient and designate the amount of time he or should consumer with their patients.Although three...

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