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Business Process Reengineering Essay

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Business process reengineering has widely become a significant trend in enterprise organizations seeking to innovate and massage business processes. It should come as no surprise that “over the last decade, numerous organizations have significantly changed their business processes in order to remain competitive in the global market” (Hadaya &Pellerin, 2008). The text analyzes business process reengineering as a business process solution for efficiently improving information systems within the context of ERP implementations. The authors suggest that “BPR is one of the best methods for determining the need to move to an ERP system and set the high level goals and project implementation scope” (Motiwalla & Thompson, 2011). In order to fully analyze business process reengineering we must analyze the concept and methodologies associated with this process. Business process re-engineering is “the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization” (“BPR”, 2011).
A key function directly related to the business process reengineering is the information system process of information technology. The concept of business process reengineering is often discussed in management circles seeking to improve the way things are done within an organization. If you are looking to redesign the functionality of business process you are in fact taking a business reengineering approach. Ultimately this idea is “an approach for redesigning the way work is done to better support the organization’s mission and reduce costs” (“BPR”, 2011). If we analyze this process improvement change within the context of information technology we find that “IT is considered one of the most important enablers of process change” (Paul & Serrano, 2003).
Organizational change, information technology and business process reengineering are all interrelated within the framework of improving business processes. If organizations are in fact seeking to streamline business processes through business process reengineering concepts they must fully understand the BPR methodology. The systematic approach of BPR suggests five step methodologies which essentially provide a BPR framework to a successful implementation. The first methodology is the preparation. When analyzing BPR, “this very first step in BPR is to develop and articulate what is to be accomplished by reengineering, including goals and scope as it relates to BPR” (Motiwalla & Thompson, 2011). The as-is process encompasses the functionality of teams and focuses on communicating the visions and goals of the organization. This fundamental process is key in determining the scope that the organization is willing to reengineer contingent upon the successful communication of the individuals involved in the business processes.
Thirdly the “to be” phase focuses on the changes needed to ascertain the outlined objectives of the business processes. This approach can be described as “a radical new approach to business...

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