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Mission and Strategic Direction. JetBlue is an award-winning low cost, ease traveler airline, whose mission is “to bring humanity back to air travel.” The airline does this by delivering value, service, style, and comfort to their customers—and to their employees, all of whom are called “crewmembers (About JetBlue. , n.d.). JetBlue has positively settled its very own culture which separates it from the other significant airlines such as Southwest, Delta, American airlines etc. Like any other airline organization, JetBlue goal is to maximize its profit in the competitive airlines market.
To be able to maximize its profit, JetBlue must have competitive advantage of its competitors that is attained through the development and deployment of resources and capabilities (Grant, R. M , 2016). The resources which are the productive assets owned by the firm and capabilities are what the firm can do with those resources. The JetBlue airways resources and capabilities can be categorized into the followings.
In Flight Entertainment:  JetBlue offers 36 channels of Direct TV and 100 channels of Sirius XM Radio and Amazon prime on every flight through its Thales InFlyt Experience(Flying on JetBlue., n.d.). The entertainment package includes access to newly released movies on any flight for no extra cost. This resource is extremely significant to customers. Customers hoping to book a flight certainly need an advantageous flight with whatever number comforts as could be expected under the circumstances at a sensible cost (Kheel, J. M. , n.d.). At present there is a pattern in the airline business to dispose of any pleasantries to cut expenses and offer lower prices.  JetBlue is one of only a handful couple of airlines that give both low costs and conveniences, for example, their in-flight entertainment, hence giving them a competitive edge. This resource relates to JetBlue mission and strategic vision to deliver value, service, style, and comfort to their customers at low cost.
Competitive Costs : JetBlue cost structure is lower than its larger network competitors on the routes it provides services to(JetBlue Low Cost Edge. (n.d.). This enables it to offer attractive fares, grow its network, and still focus on profitability and shareholder returns. Since JetBlue is low cost carrier so providing a way to lower the cost of travel will create an edge for competitive advantage. It also align to JetBlue strategic vision of proving low cost travel experience.
Customer bill of right: Jetblue strives to accomplish its mission for “to bring humanity back to air travel.” The customer bill of right is step forward in that direction. These rights will ensure the highest level of safety and security for their customers and crewmembers. The bill covers the customers right in the case of cancellations/delays and another abnormal situation. Though there are number of competitors such as Southwest, united etc. has offered similar service but none could come close to JetBlue...

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