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Company Profile Of A Clinical Simulation Training Facility

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The company is a clinical simulation training facility specializing in hands-on training for healthcare practitioners. Realizing the necessity to help the healthcare industry and seeing the trend of hospitals aiming to become internationally accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), its goal is to help close the gap from academe to industry by trainign healthcare professionals in up-to-date international standards as well as providing healthcare practitioners a venue to hone their skills and competency development. Its training modules are based on Internation standards blended together with the current curriculum memorandum of nursing in the country. Its courses for both students and graduates are developed in collaboration with and licensed by, Professional Regulation Commission, Amercian Heart Association, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and Department of Labor and Employment.
To meet its objective, the company recruits employees with healthcare background from its entry level positions both administrative and trainers (such as Laboratory Custodians, Sales and Marketing Assistants, Trainers) to Course Instructors (such Lead Course Trainers and Coordinators). It is committed to educational achievement and professional development internaly and externally and continuous progress to aid not only its clients but its employees to increase effectiveness in the performance in their present positions.
Due to the ever-changing landscape of the business world, it necessitates the company to send their employees to attend trainings and seminars to acquire a fresh ideas and new skills that will give greater advantage to business operations. Likewise, it has been found that tuition Assistance programs help employers retain their best employees based on the 2007 Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research entitled: The Effect of Employer Provided General Training on Turnover: Examination of Tuition Assistance Programs. Lastly, supplementary training — even the general education that participants gain through undergraduate degree programs — is always useful in workplace settings and general college coursework informs any profession that involves communication and critical thinking skills, not to mention the technical coursework that benefits scientists, engineers, IT workers, and countless business professionals. It also encourages employees to obtain skills, knowledge and abilities that may improve their opportunities for career advancement within their respective department.
Tuition Assistance is a financial assistance program established as an employee benefit, to help trainers and employees further their education. The program's intent is to expand the employee's knowledge, skills and abilities, and thereby, better serve the needs of the students/participants, enhance job performance, value to the organization, and to assist employees in achieving their professional...

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