Business Proposal For American Democracy Project Conference

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American Democracy ProjectI. Goals and problemsThe general purpose of the research is to develop a conference plan for the statewide one-day conference for American Democracy Project in February-16, 2005. The general goal of the conference is to share the ideas among universities and colleges concerning ADP projects. The problem is most schools do not know what the others do. The research questions are how to make the attendees feel comfortable; utilize their time most efficiently; create opportunities in the conference for creative thinking; openly discuss ideas that can promote ADP.II. Objectives and questionsThe research objectives based on the research questions are listed below:1) To identify the needs of each ADP group for potential project ideas and cooperation between Oklahoma member schools;2) To determine a day-long conference schedule that would provide the maximum benefit for faculty, administrators and staff, and students;3) To determine accommodations for attendees;4) To determine resources needed for the events planned;III. Unit of analysis.The unit of analysis will be the attendees of the conference. The attendees will be faculty, staff and some students.IV. AssumptionsWe assume that:1) This report will be used by UCO's ADP Tri-Chairs led by Dr. Joanne Necco to organize the statewide conference in Spring-2005.2) The attendees will show positive attitude towards the conference. After this conference they will start ADP-proliferation activities within their universities and communities.V. BackgroundThe goals of ADP are to increase the number of college students who participate in civic actions and to establish the importance of civic actions in the minds of policy makers. Another aim is to measure the civic engagement outcomes of undergraduates. Finally, ADP strives to publicize the models that result in a large audience of higher education...

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