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Organizing successful teams are challenging. When focusing on marketing teams, strategy, creativity, and aligning the right people and responsibilities within the team are essential. As Thompson (2014) points out, marketing teams adapt their communication about services, products, objectives, and promotions to meet the needs of the organization. This paper will evaluate team details including process, team roles, my responsibility, and project guidelines to efficiently execute a company-wide rebranding project.
Team Project Overview
The project involves rebranding a science company’s image and identity. The new brand requires new messaging, new logo, a new website with a new web address, and ...view middle of the document...

As the design person, I am relied upon to interpret the ideas of many to accurately portray the ideas into a company image. Consequently, I serve as an advisor of what is possible and what is not, and areas they should consider when focusing on image and user experience. Considering there are often outside resources and vendors that utilized, I serve as a coordinator with outside vendors to maintain consistency and quality control for the reproduction of information and visuals. My internal functions of the team include implementer and finisher (Mindtools, 2014). The director serves as a spokesperson, gatekeeper and negotiator between the teams, administrative staff, and organization. The researcher is a boundary spanner between R&D, operations, and marketing, as well as an advisor (Thompson, 2014). Although the advisor and coordinator roles overlap, they cover different areas of the project and, therefore, are necessary.
My role within the team synchronizes well with my personality assessment surrounding the Jung’s Typology and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (n.d). This assessment includes the breakdown of sixteen personality types through the combination of introversion (I), extroversion (E), sensing (S), intuition (N), thinking (T), feeling (F), judging (J), and perceiving (P) (Kroeger, Rutledge, & Thuesen, 2002). My profile, according to the MBTI assessment, was an INFP, which states that I tend to be idealistic, curious, loyal to personal values, and seek to understand others’ perspectives. Additionally, the assessment concludes that my combination can envision possibilities, as well as act as a catalyst for new ideas. These traits are useful in my marketing team because my position compares the perspective of the organizational goals as presented by the director and our researcher with the end users’ needs and perception. Essentially, determining what will make the most impact. Although my other teammates have not taken the MBTI assessment, they have very different personality traits. The researcher is an introvert, driven by statistics and facts, less by human interaction and engagement. She seems to carry the features of an ISTP or ISTJ. The director is an outspoken extrovert, very task oriented, quick to make decisions, and thrives on self-promotion. She seems to carry the features of an ESTP. Thus, making the INFP a good balance between the others.
Team Process and Project Flow
The project flow starts with research to determine necessary changes and why. This information requires the input of several areas including marketing, sales, and R&D. As mentioned with Ernst, Hoyer, & Rübsaamen (2010) the cross-functional integration of the R&D, sales, and marketing provides valuable information from various aspects of the market. The key is avoiding the conflict between the teams that may be affiliated to different motivational goals. Nonetheless, the different functions of the units allow for the generation of more high-quality ideas...

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