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Company Research Paper For Tgi Fridays

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1.Why did you choose to research this company?I have always been interested in the atmosphere that TGI Friday's purveys to their customers, and I would like to know whether their staff has as much fun as their customers do.2.List in detail all the benefits and perks employees receive. For Example: Medical, Dental, Vacations, Product discounts, Etc.BenefitEligibilityBrief SummaryAccidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) A Company paid benefit of $4,000, if enrolled in the Medical Plan.Credit Union Savings or loans through easy payroll deductions.Dental PlanFTTwo plan offerings, for you and your eligible dependents, including orthodontic care.Dependent CareSpending AccountAllYou can elect to set aside up to $5,000, through pre-tax payroll deductions, to pay for eligible dependent care expenses.Disability, Short and/orLong Term (Voluntary)FTPlan coverage for a medical disability.Education FundingProgramAllAssistance in education planning and support as well as information regarding various private education financing programs.401(k) Plan "TGIFYI"AllAfter one year of service, elect to participate in this pre-tax savings plan that offers a company matching contribution and flexible investment options.Health Care SpendingAccountAllA pre-tax contribution plan (annual max $3,000) that covers health care expenses not otherwise reimbursable under the medical plans.Leaves of AbsenceFTBecause the Company cares, various leaves such as medical, family, personal, etc. are available to you.Legal Solution PlanFTThrough payroll deduction, this program provides legal assistance with simple wills, debt or traffic matters, personal injury, etc.Life InsuranceFTA Company paid benefit of $4,000, if enrolled in the Medical Plan.Life Universal(Voluntary)FTA portable insurance policy that you own.Meals, DiscountedAllA 25% dining discount upon hire and 50% after 3 years of service at any Company or participating franchise restaurant.Medical PlanFTTwo health care plan options to choose from, to meet you and your family's health care needs; includes pharmacy benefits.Parking/TransitSpending AccountsAllPre-tax payroll deductions to pay for your work transportation expenses such as public parking, passes, tokens, farecards, etc.Passport ProgramFTAfter 6 months of service and certain other eligibility requirements, employees can work in other restaurants while travelling the country.Payroll Deposit,AutomaticAllYour paychecks can be deposited automatically to your bank account at no extra cost to you.Tuition ReimbursementFTAfter 90 days of service, the company will reimburse up to $1,000 per year (based on grades) for college courses.VacationFTPaid time off!!! One, two, three or four weeks of vacation depending on anniversary date.Vision Care PlanFTDiscounted coverage for a wide range of services such as eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc.3.Name the company locations/banches.Total Friday's® brands : 713(includes T.G.I. Friday's, Front Row® Sports Grill and...

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