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What Makes Marketing More Effective?This research project paper will consist of a brief synopsis explaining the research conducted by Gordon A. Wyner. His article provides information to guide decisions and describes his methods as far as what makes marketing more effective. This synopsis will define the research, state its purpose, explain the problem under investigation, identify the parties involved, and describe the methods used to conduct the research.Business Research and Its PurposeThe purpose of Wyner's study was to determine what truly makes marketing more effective rather than just the standard statistical approach. It examined the different approaches in marketing, the key limitations of his idea of precise methods as far as "address[ing] specific components of marketing effectiveness", and his ideas of substantial steps to making marketing more effective (Wyner, 2002).Business Problem Under InvestigationWyner questions if there are any options available to improve marketing activities and business impact while doubting the success of all the efforts companies have put into marketing already (2002). He believes there are only a few of the many research tools used to make marketing more effective that in point of fact give approach to the overall issues of marketing. It is understandable to Wyner as to why certain research methods focus on solutions to rigorous problems as far as objects that are easy to measure. However, Wyner strongly believes researchers should broaden their focus to more hard-to-measure issues.Wyner states that marketing research methods play a role when analyzing marketing effectiveness. He is conducting research through precise methods that can measure "the effects of change in marketing stimuli" and success (Wyner, 2002). Here he examines how precision helps quantify the overall customer response in regard to the customer measurement side.Wyner decides on key limitations of the methods that concentrate on particular means of marketing effectiveness. Wyner states that marketing research may be at times "weakly linked to the financial outcomes of the business", not very "tuned to the issues of feasibility of implementation", and may "prevent [researchers] from combining information and insights to" concentrate on the general business problems (Wyner, 2002). Wyner's investigation examines support on a more focused type of research as far as measuring the overall product development process rather than every potential element. He states...

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