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U05a1 - Company's Integration of Marketing CommunicationsThe Coca-Cola CompanyTerry D. CopelandCapella UniversityMBA 6012June 23, 2013Promotional MixMarketing is considered one of the most important aspects of a successful business plan, and its importance has increased due to global competition. The Coca-Cola Company is recognized as an innovator of marketing concepts and strategies. As marketing concepts have developed over time, Coca-Cola has remained a leader in the soft drink industry by evolving its marketing strategies to build customer loyalty and deliver a general brand experience (Coca-Cola, 2013). As markets become increasingly segmented, Coca-Cola (2013) remains dedicated to social interaction, real-time connection with clients, 24/7 customer engagement, and the development of new marketing platforms.Early marketing concepts were predicated on having the right product at the right time in the right place. In today's increasingly competitive global market, companies need to ensure effective communication between the target market, the product, and the company in order to attain a prestigious position in the market (Vrontis & Sharp, 2003). Coca-Cola utilizes a promotional mix of marketing tools that include advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling to spread its brand across the globe.Coca-Cola utilizes multiple techniques and materials in the promotion of its products and services. The most effective tool is its use of advertising across various types of media to generate customer loyalty and secure market share. Dudovskiy (2013) divides media into two categories: published media which includes newspapers, magazines, trade and professional press, as well as the Internet; and visual and aural media which includes television, radio, cinema, posters, billboards, and direct mailing. Newspapers are one of the most popular forms of media advertising utilized by many global brands. Coca-Cola (2013) is one of the companies that began using media advertising in its earliest stages, and now the company has been engaged in media advertising for more than 100 years. Along with newspapers, magazines have also been used at a global level in Coca-Cola advertising campaigns. The choice of magazines in which to advertise the brand is based on its readability by the target customer segment (Dudovskiy, 2013).Coca-Cola has spent a considerable amount of financial resources on television and radio advertising in countries across the globe. Increased market segmentation and targeted marketing influences the differentiation of advertising through a dedicated focus on local culture to avoid misunderstandings due to cultural differences (Dudovskiy, 2013).The Internet has become a major component of the Coca-Cola advertisement strategy. According to Dudovskiy (2013), online advertisement is utilized through the extensive use of banners, pop-up ads, on-site sponsorships, and various other...

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2052 words - 8 pages to they need to find out the new sources. It causes the original taste changed or increase cost of productions.As far as the marketing mix is concerned, the Coca Cola's managers understand these are the product or service produced by the organization, its price, how to promote? And where is it being placed in term of reaching to customers.ProductThe products and services portfolio are initial functions in the marketing mix. The Coca Cola Company

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