Company Selection Paper: The Procter & Gamble Company.

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"The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a brand behemoth. The world's #1 maker of household products courts market share and billion-dollar brands. P&G's products fall into three categories: global beauty care; global health, baby, and family care; and global household care. It also makes pet food and water filters and produces soap operas (As the World Turns). More than 20 of P&G's brands are billion-dollar sellers (including Actonel, Always/Whisper, Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Downy/Lenor, Folgers, Iams, Olay, Pampers, Pantene, Pringles, Tide, and Wella). Acquisitive P&G bought Clairol in 2001 and a majority of Wella in 2003. Its purchase of Gillette in late 2005 was its biggest buy in company history." (Hoover) "On April 12, 1837, William Procter and James Gamble start making and selling their soap and candles. On August 22, they formalize their business relationship by pledging $3,596.47 apiece. The formal partnership agreement is signed on October 31, 1837. The Moon and Stars began to appear in the 1850s as the unofficial trademark of Procter & Gamble. Wharf hands used the symbol to distinguish boxes of Star Candles. By the 1860s, the Moon and Stars appeared on all Company products and correspondence. Once a staple of the Company's product line, candles declined in popularity with the invention of the electric light bulb. The Company discontinued candle manufacturing in the 1920s. In 1859, Twenty-two years after the partnership was formed, P&G sales reached $1 million. The Company now employed 80 people" (P&G, Our History)The Procter & Gamble Company was incorporated in Ohio in 1905, having been built from a business founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. Today, the Company manufactures and markets a broad range of consumer products in many countries throughout the world. The company markets over 300 branded products in more than 160 countries. The company manages its business in five product segments: Fabric and Home Care, Baby and Family Care, Beauty Care, Health Care and Snacks and Beverages. In March 2003, the Company entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Wella from the majority shareholders. In September 2003, it completed this purchase of the shares of Wella AG. In June 2004, the company and Wella entered into a Domination and Profit Transfer Agreement (the Domination Agreement). Under the Domination Agreement, they are entitled to exercise full-operating control and receive 100% of the future earnings of Wella. In June 2004, it purchased the remaining 20% stake of its China venture from its partner, Hutchison Whampoa China Ltd. (Hutchison), giving the Company full ownership of its operations in China. The company's portfolio of trusted brands includes Pampers, Tide, Ariel, Always, Pantene, Bounty, Folgers, Pringles, Charmin, Downy, Iams, Crest, Actonel and Olay. Fabric and Home Care products include dish care, household cleaners, laundry, paper product, and...

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