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Accenture Delivery Methods and Tools for SAP

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Consistency, speed and quality for organizations implementing SAP-based solutions to achieve high performance
Businesses and governments that are successful achieving high performance have closed the gap between business needs and solution delivery.
Collaborating with Accenture helps to accelerate project cycle times because we leverage unparalleled experience and research-based knowledge. We have developed an industrialized delivery approach, including stringent methodologies and structured toolsets to drive toward the high-quality and predictable solutions expected by CIOs and business owners today.
Accenture's delivery experience packaged into this approach provides differentiated capabilities to meet "time-cost-quality" demands, thereby helping to control costs, meet deadlines and master risks while contributing to delivering high-quality solutions that help businesses and governments on their journey to high performance. Organizations can now turn their attention to using their SAP systems "creatively"-that is, as a strategic asset-contributing to their competitive advantage and ability to outperform the competition.
Accenture Delivery Methods and Tools for SAP
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Unmatched experience embedded in Accenture Delivery Methods for SAP
Delivering more than 1,500 projects in 2007, Accenture is a leader in designing, building and launching innovative SAP-based solutions, particularly large-scale implementations related to global SAP rollouts. These solutions support organizations implementing processes to improve their performance in increasingly complex environments.
Accenture leverages Accenture Delivery Methods for SAP to ensure that each SAP project receives the tangible benefits of past SAP project successes and can draw on the wealth of Accenture's business process and technology knowledge capital including those beyond SAP-based projects. Our approach is differentiating:
• Because an industrialized approach does not mean "one size fits all"- Accenture Methods and Tools for SAP can be tailored to any client organization, to any technology or business needs.
• Because it is a holistic approach covering all aspects of a project-for example, it does not only include solution delivery, but also project management, planning, change management activities (such as business and organizational impact analysis and communication) and supports the transition of applications to the maintenance/support organization.
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" Accenture is the best-in-class when it comes to implementation skills. It has an excellent SAP Methodology, it has developed tools and processes to expedite and improve the SAP implementation experience; its project management skills are best-in class."
Forrester Wave: SAP Implementation Providers, Q4 '07 (December 2007)
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Bringing the best of Accenture to every SAP project
Every time an organization engages Accenture to deliver SAP-based...

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