Business Studies: Report On The Garden City Motor Inn

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Garden City Motor InnLocated in Mt. Gravatt south east end of Brisbane, the Garden City Motor Inn is a privately owned business. It is owned by an international company called Yung Ta Pty. Ltd. Taiwan. This company uses Australian based management to keep the business running efficiently. The building provides accommodation in which the management lives to provide around the clock service and security.Mission Statement:To offer Hospitality and a desirable destination for Visitors, Travellers and all customers to rest and enjoy very comfortable, clean overnight accommodation equivalent to the best offered by contemporaries and the Industries best practice.Objectives:To conduct a profitable entity with a tightly run administration and to employ staff that are dedicated and rewarded for their efforts in supplying a product of quality.Business Type.Accommodation & Hospitality: A Motel with 20 Rooms and private Manager Accommodation.Business Cycle.The business is still on an incline of average accommodation, and yearly return. This business is establishing customer loyalty and building new clientele. For these reasons I believe the business is still in the growth phase.Establishment: the business was previously owned and first established in 1988. Yung Ta Pty. Ltd. Bought the company six years ago for approximately 1 million dollars.Growth: The business's occupancy rates are still inclining. This provides us with the information to which the growth stage is related.Maturity: The maturity phase is when the business's occupancy rate would remain the same or have only slight variations. This could be due to the occupancy itself, e.g. all the rooms are booked out. If this occurred the business would find it best to upsize and become larger.Post maturity: After upsizing the business would show higher occupancy rates or could show the same or less. Renewal could see the business's occupancy rate increase further. A steady rate would see it not improve by much if any and decline would show too much money spent in renovating and the liquidation could take place due to lack of funds. However with the massive expansion of South East Queensland and Southern Brisbane it is with reasonable certainty that with upsizing two things would occur.1.Increased Income.2. Large increase in Real Estate market value.Any upsizing would be subject to an in depth feasibility study.Business Plan.•History The Motel was built a number of years ago with foresight into the potential growth of the southern area of Brisbane with commercial, residential and transport growth of South East Qld.•Location. The Motel is now ideally situated opposite one of the largest Westfield shopping centres in Brisbane and within 1 Km from the main Brisbane Gold Coast freeway.The closest Motel to 2 major hospitals- 2 Tafe colleges-2 campuses of Griffith University-The 2 largest Athletic and swimming facilities of Brisbane and with easy access and only 20 minutes from the Brisbane Domestic...

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