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Business strategies and opportunities in the global T.V. industry for Aston Media Ltd S.U. Business Consultants.Report author: Sapheer Ullah(Bsc hons.) Date of submission: Table of contents: Summary Introduction Summary The objective of this report is to select a generic strategy most suited to Aston Media. In order to develop such a strategy we need to develop a concise analysis of the company in question and the environment it operates in. It is questioned whether the next step for the company in question is to diversify and enter into new markets.Findings are divided under the headings: The generic strategy chosen as most appropriate for Aston Media is outlined, followed by the appropriate justification of the choice. A generic strategy is also identified should Aston Media decide to enter the niche market. The three general generic strategies that will be considered are cost leadership, differentiation and focus/niche.Introduction Since its inception, television broadcasting has been a class example of a "˜public good' with a distinctive financial sector and special regulatory arrangements. For many years the industry was characterised by stable nationally-bound spheres of activity that were clearly circumscribed by regulation, markets that tended towards the oligopolistic, processes that were rooted in well-established technologies, strong organisational cultures derived from the confluence of a variety of professional, national and individual influences, and audiences who clearly understood their role in the broadcasting process.However starting in the late 80's a series of tremors, including market liberalisation, the introduction of new transmission technologies, and changing social attitudes, triggered the beginnings of an industry restructuring.As in practically every other industry, demographic changes, new technology, evolving financial structures and globalisation are creating chaos and forging new trends in the entertainment and media business. HDTV, DSB, cellular cable TV, fiber optics, cable modems, DVD""there will be no end to the new technologies shaping the entertainment of the very near future. Content providers that are able to determine which technologies will catch on, and then be early leaders in the use of those technologies, will be big winners. The global market is of vast importance to producers of content and will continue to generate an increasing share of entertainment profits for firms. Consumer electronics, such as high-quality colour televisions, have become so inexpensive that they are even popping up in very remote areas of the Third World. Transmission via satellite now makes television broadcasting to those areas a very efficient process. As living standards continue to rise around the planet, so will the market for television, movies, music and more.Method Generic strategy selection for Aston Media Terms of reference Working on behalf of management consultants, Aston Media resources and operating...

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