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Similar Poems And Their Use Of Imagery

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Many different authors were highly recognized during the Renaissance time period for the accomplishments of their well-recognized poems. Many of the authors during the Renaissance time period addressed love as their major theme. Other authors of that same time period addressed carpe diem as their major themes. Symbolism is a big part of every author's poem that would express the meaning of something else. Much symbolism is used in the two poems "To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars" and "To Althea, from Prison."In the poem "To Althea, from Prison," one example of the use of imagery would be the fish. In the poem, the speaker says "Fishes that tipple in the deep / know such liberty" (15-16). By him being imprisoned during the Civil Wars does not change anything when it comes to his loved one. Being thrown away in jail will not change strong feelings for someone that is truly loved and cared for. He feels as free as the fish, able to swim where he wants. Another example of imagery in this poem is the wind. The wind symbolizes his freeness within himself. He says "Enlarged winds that curl the flood / know such liberty" (23-24). Again, he is comparing the endless amount of wind to the freeness that he feels. The final use of imagery being addressed in this poem is the angels. The speaker says "Angels alone that soar above, / enjoy such liberty" (31-32). The angels are the only ones that knew about freedom and what it was like. They know what his true feelings are and how free he is going to feel no matter what happens later.In the poem "To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars" one example of the use of imagery would be the speaker's mistress. The speaker says "True, a new mistress now I chase / the first foe in the field" (5-6). His mistress symbolizes his enemies on the field whom he is to go after. Another use of imagery in the poem is the embrace. He says "And with a stronger force embrace / a sword, a horse, a shield" (7-8). The embrace is...

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