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Food industry is a complex and global collective of diverse businesses. They supplied most of the food consumed by the world population. It is definitely a huge competition among the suppliers in their respective market. In this research, we selected Chinese cuisine as our market. To narrow down the selection available, we focused on chicken rice shop as it is much familiar to each and every one of us. Although it is a common food in our country, even some place in overseas, the competition within this food industry can't be look down. Famosa Chicken Rice Shop and Kar Heong had briefly provided us their estimation of their competitor. After going through the interview and having a discussion with our group members, we conducted a comparative analysis of both business which in different geographical location.
For Famosa Chicken Rice Shop, they estimated are around 2 to 10 Chinese cuisine eateries around the area. Among these competitors, they considered themselves owning approximately 60% market share of the business. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball and Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball are the top competitor they may consider. One of the main reasons is that both shops’ main product are similar, which is chicken rice ball. Some customers prefer these two restaurants because they found out that the chicken rice ball sold at there is better than theirs. However, Famosa Chicken Rice Shop believes their traditional and original taste of their rice ball still attract quite a lot of local and tourism. They considered themselves have face any competition. But they doesn't consider this as strong impact toward their business, they said: ‘everyone got their own way to do their business, it is mainly depend on the customer taste, if they like it, they sure will come again, if not we also no choice’.
For Kar Heong, they estimated there are around 2 to 10 Chinese cuisine eateries around that area. They also estimated themselves hold a 60% plus market shares among the competitors as the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. There are two restaurants that they consider them as competitor which are 1997 Ipoh Chicken Rice and Gasing Chicken Rice around the area. However, Mr. Tan, the owner of the eateries said confidently that:“ Our Chicken texture is much, much better than others!”. However, It is a unbeatable fact that the delicious chicken they sold had being the main temptation for the visitor to re-visit again the shop. In addition, the pricing set by Kar Heong is also affordable to everyone which is five ringgit for one dish of chicken rice. Truly, it is worth and able to convey the customer to dine in....


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