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Comparative Analysis Of The Businesses’ Competitive Traits

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Comparative Analysis of the Businesses’ Competitive Traits
The following section discusses the competitive behaviours of the businesses and their respective markets:
San Shu Gong House of Authentic Delicacies (Malacca) had to face strict competition as there is up to 100 food businesses located on Jonker Street, Malacca. Nowadays, we know that there are many food businesses all over the country in every state. The business used a variety of strategies to compete with their competitors. Pricing, advertising, product variety, and promotions were employed by the business to compete with its competitors. For example, San Shu Gong House of Authentic Delicacies (Malacca) would make a promotion during the New Year festival to attract more customers by making advertising such as banner, newspaper, or magazine to let the people know about their promotions. Mr Tan, the owner of business also set the price for the services carefully because there are too many shops in Malacca, once set the price wrongly, the business will lose customers. Besides that, services skills also carry a very important role for a biscuit shop. Customers will come again if your prices are reasonable and your services are good. The product varieties are also important for a biscuit shop. San Shu Gong House of Authentic Delicacies (Malacca) serves durian puff to customers. The business is continuously upgrading their expertise in areas such as product development to meet the ever-increasing and changing consumer market.
Kuala Lumpur is considered the heartland of Malaysia's industry and commerce. As a consequence, Kong Har Siu Hou Jou had to face stricter competition compared to businesses located in Malacca. The strongest competition for Kong Har Siu Hou Jou is Fung Wong Biscuit Shop. It is a biscuit shop which is located nearby the business. Fung Wong Biscuit Shop sells traditional Chinese pastries and cookies with generation-old recipes from China. No strategies were employed by Kong Har Siu Hou Jou as the business had been 60 years old. It had a steady amount of customers compared to newer businesses.
For Yong Sheng Gift Shop (Puchong), the business did not face...

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