Comparative Analysis On Night And Across Five Aprils

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The books Night by Elie Wiesel and Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt hold many comparisons and contractions. Plots vary yet they still contain similarities, as do the characters and the themes. The time frame in both books take place during a war but at two very different times in history. Though the books have great likeness, the two still remain vastly distinctive.

Night by Elizer Wiesel narrates the tale of Elie during the Holocaust and the troubles caused by the Gestapo. Nazi aggressors force the Jewish people into lives of poverty and misery in concentration camps. When Elie thought that his world had ended American soldiers liberate the camps and the Jews can freely go back home. ...view middle of the document...

Even at home, he sees the townsfolk raise havoc for the Creightons because the townsfolk do not like that Bill fights for the rebel cause. Jethro, by the end, loses two brothers, a sister, and his father.

Both authors use a great deal of direct characterization in their writings. They could use this as a way to show that no other interpretation can come across. The bluntness of the works shows that the war has no other alternatives; life cannot change for either family in the two stories. Between the two characters, only Elie had to participate within a war; Jethro, though he did take part of the war, did not actually go onto the battlefield. Jethro had to watch on the sidelines as his family dies and hurts while Elie personally witnesses the destruction and horrors of war.

War poses as a common ground between the two books; the families within each suffered tremendously and had to overcome hardships placed on them from other people. The wars, however, come from two different times. Night takes place in World War II, more specifically during the genocide of the Jews in 1944 to 1945 whereas Across Five Aprils takes place in 1861 to 1865 during the American Civil War. The settings in both of the books occur in the month of April in a small town but in very different...

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