Comparative Analysis Paper: "The Ferryer" By Sharon Olds, "A Supermarket In California" By Allen Ginsberg And "The Junior High School Band Concert" By David Wagoner

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Comparative Analysis PaperHeather PattenLIT/120Business LiteratureUniversity of PhoenixDr. Kimberly LockwoodMarch 19, 2007IntroductionThis paper will analyze three poems. The poems chosen for this paper are "The Ferryer", Sharon Olds, "A Supermarket in California", by Allen Ginsberg, and "The Junior High School Band Concert", by David Wagoner. The analysis will discuss poetic techniques used by the poets. This analysis will also discuss how the poets used these techniques to communicate the workplace theme. This paper will also discuss my personal response to each poem.First Poem, "The Ferryer"The first poem "The Ferryer", by Sharon Olds (1992), discusses how her dead father goes back to work after twenty five years of unemployment. The author portrays the father as Charon, whom is the "angel of death". The Ferryman, also known as Charon, would transport the souls of the dead across the river to the underworld. In Sharon Olds poem she reads, "He sits in the prow with the boat, sweet cox turned with his back to the carried" (audio clip, 1993). The author also mentions how her father works for her. Her character portrays an individual that is a caregiver of the dead. Possibly someone who performs cremations, because of the statement, "He waits, naked; ivory bow figure head; ribs, nipples, lips; a gaunt tall man" (Sharon Olds, audio clip, 1993).This poem does not use any similes, satire, or rhyme. An example of a connotation is, "He's very glad to be taken on again, shows up on time, tireless worker" (Sharon Olds, audio clip, 1993). This poem also has an example of personification. Sharon Olds reads, "He is dead, but able to kneel upright, facing forward, toward the other shore" (audio clip, 1993).Second Poem, "A Supermarket in California"The second poem, "A Supermarket in California", by Allen Ginsberg (1984), is his description of a hallucination he had of Walt Whitman. He starts the poem with, "What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whitman…" (audio clip, 1984). Allen Ginsberg reads, "I touch your book and dream of our odyssey in the supermarket and feel absurd" (audio clip, 1984). Another quote from the audio clip to support this is, "We strode down the open corridors together in our solitary fancy tasting artichokes, possessing every frozen delicacy, and never passing the cashier" (1984). The Academy of American Poets (1997-2007) state, "While Ginsberg claimed that no drugs were involved, he later stated that he used various drugs in an attempt to recapture the feelings inspired by the vision" (para. 4).This poem does not use any satire or rhyme. The poem possesses symbols. For example, Charon is the angel of death and Lethe is the waters the dead drink from to be released from their former life. The poem also has a hyperbole. For example, "Who killed the pork chops" (Allen Ginsberg, audio clip, 1984).Third Poem, "The...

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