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Comparative Anaylsis Of Hegemonic Masculinity Essay

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This paper compares Peter Tragos “Monster Masculinity: Honey I’ll be in the Garage Reasserting My Manhood” and Richard Majors’ “Cool Pose: Black Masculinity and Sports” in regards to males regaining their masculine identity during the transition of a gender blurred society. In Richard Majors’ article, he discusses how sport has become a major institutional context for the expression of masculinity and the development of the cool pose among black males (1). Peter Tragos article addresses how men are experiencing a backlash against the feminization of masculine culture (2). Both articles demonstrate an underlying need to re-establish dominance and power over women to further stimulate the need for the homogenization of a male dominating society. In contrast, Tragos analyses a man’s need to prove his masculinity and form a sense of dominance through media while Majors does the same, but from a black male’s perspective and through sports.
In order for men to possess power and dominance over women, they are expected to be educated. Tragos talks about how women now have a redefined notion of femininity that adopts both traditional and unconventional roles that they are now taking on. Women are becoming more independent and are expected to be strong while maintaining beauty. To fulfill the role of being strong and independent, they have to compete against men. Major’s emphasises the importance of black males to be educated in order to gain their masculinity. Majors expresses his concern about black males only being able to go to school through sports scholarships. The black males who do have the opportunity to attend college through athletic scholarships, often are forced back on the streets with degrees that will not let them succeed. Similarly, both articles indicate that men need to be educated in order to succeed and exert power and dominance over women. For men to be educated, they are able to attain good paying jobs to support their families. Although both articles discuss the importance of educating men, Tragos largely focuses on hegemonic masculinity in the context of exclusively white men. The article targets white men and women which insinuates that people of different race are to be minorized. In contrast, Majors does it in the context of black men. If black men cannot thrive as “men” in society due to disadvantages in school, black women in particular have a lesser chance of being educated since black men have a better chance through sports.
To be educated means to be able to have a job and have a source of equity. If men are educated more so then women, men will continue to dominant the workplace. The wealthier a man is, the more strength, power and dominance he conveys. Majors describes the dominant social definition of masculinity as being the breadwinner, having strength and dominating women (). American society inhibits black men from achieving many aspects of masculinity by restricting things like jobs, education and...

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