Comparative Commentary Between My Speech And Story Based On The Theme Of Violence

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Comparative Commentary Between My Speech and Story Based on the Theme
of Violence
The speech and literary pieces I have written use both similar and
different techniques in order to create the particular effects
intended on their target audiences. In terms of context, both pieces
are aimed at an audience better suited as adults for their own
distinct reasons and also due to the extensive range of lexis
available; meaning that I could vary the diction included to produce
effective and interesting pieces of work using as many techniques as
possible. Their purposes very much reflect the intended readership in
that, as the literary piece acts as entertainment (mocking and
reflecting upon how we exaggerate our inhibitions by demonstrating a
woman's increasing sense of paranoia) it would be best interpreted by
women who would acquire a certain understanding of the narrative. The
speech's purpose however, is to create awareness and generate action
toward the prevention of child abuse, therefore an appropriate
audience would be parents and those familiar with the value of
parenthood. Whereas the story refers to its character in the third
person ('she'), or through the use of her name, Rachel (proper noun)
to describe her feelings; the speech uses pronouns throughout to
address the audience and promote a sense of a family or team about
them. This encourages duty 'as parents' to act through the continuous
and inclusive use of the word 'we'; and persuasion is strengthened by
the sense of power and influence that the audience acquire through
verbs ('we cannot allow', 'guarding tomorrow's young people'), in
contrast with the obvious frailty - yet importance - of the children
involved through the use of nouns and adjectives ('young and
innocent', 'future generations'). The use of formality to create an
effect is apparent in both pieces of writing, but is used in different
manners, to create: a varied tone, and allow suspense to be built up
in the story at different points in the narrative through alternating
from a high to low register, and in the speech, an established voice
for the speaker; allowing a sense of confidence to be conveyed by
maintaining a consistent, high level of formality in a fluent, and
steady-paced fashion.

There are many lexical choices involved that also play parts in
helping both the speech to be persuasive and the story to be
effective. Although for very different reasons, both use concrete and
numerical language to establish a situation and support the ideas
surrounding them. The story informs the reader that Rachel had been
alone for 'twenty minutes'; supporting the idea that she is already
feeling nervous. The speech however uses hard and shocking statistical
facts to shock the audience ('one to two children are killed...

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