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For this assignment, I decided to compare two leaders that I feel have completely different communication styles. I feel like it is important to cover both sides of communication in order to show what it is like to deal with someone who has “good” communication versus someone who has “bad” communication. I selected two people who I will not name, but will address as “good” and “bad” communicator.
The person I selected as a good communicator is somebody I have known for quite some time. They are a manager for a small business with 20+ employees, and they have to deal with communicating on a daily basis. This person is active in the daily communication with all employees, and they have a great open door policy that supports two-way communication between employee and employer.
Good communicator has a great way of speaking to people. They do not speak to their employees as employees, but as actual people. They have a great way of showing that they are listening, and they are always willing to provide advice when necessary.
Active listening is a great quality for someone in any leadership position to have. Active listening can really show someone that you are involved with the conversation, and it will naturally create a more relaxed environment when you don’t think that the person you are talking to is giving you their full attention. This is a quality that I find to be extremely valuable, and one that good communicator has.
Another important quality that his person has is transparent communication. Zena Zumeta states that “Transparent communication is useful because it builds trust. (Zumeta)” She also goes on to list five characteristics of communication that really nail down why it is so important. I myself believe that this is one of the most important aspects of great communication in the work place. Without it, employees can find themselves unaware of certain aspects of their work, and find themselves surprised at changes. A perfect example of my good communicator demonstrating transparent communication would have to be that time that my company was looking into acquiring another company. We were all out of the loop for the most part, but my manager was always forthright and transparent with us. They never tried to hide any changes, and really walked us through each stage of the acquisition. We all felt very comfortable with the whole process, and I really do attribute it to their understanding and...

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