Comparative Essay For 2 Poems Grade 8 Level Poem Comparison Essay

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English Comparative Essay
By: Emile Balbadhur
Teenage years can be the best time of a person’s life, it’s where memories are made and a time for experimenting. In some cases it can be seen as a challenging and depressing time. You are stuck in an emotional whirlwind with seemingly no escape. The playbook Dags written by Debra Oswald was published in 1987 is about the drama of a ‘social cripple’ named Gillian and her pursuit of romance and happiness. The Media Article by ABC News Media group, written by Sam Ikin was created in 2016. There are many differences and similarities between the play book Dags and the ABC News article on the topic of obesity. These similarities are comfort eating, mental health and body image.
Firstly, both the text and the article discuss the problem of comfort eating for emotional teens. According to the article, “Emotional eating effects 83% of people who struggle to maintain their weight.” This is a large amount of the population seeing as Australia are currently struggling with an obesity problem. This is similar in the play book with the main character Gillian. She is consistently resulting to food as in her eyes it’s a coping mechanism. “Gillian sighs, then like a released spring, jumps up and gets a mars bar from her schoolbag. She keeps nibbling on the mars bar” (Page 7). From this extract, it is evident that Gillian finds comfort in eating. Later in the story, Gillian acknowledges what she is doing, she comes to terms with the situation and tries to put an end to her eating. However, as the story progresses, she is unable to withstand the urge and resumes to her normal habits. “She grabs the Mars Bar again and takes a bite with relief. Aagghh… why fight it” (Page 8). The article and the playbook mention how adolescents often result to food as way to deal with problems in their life.
The media article goes onto to talk about problem of mental health, in most cases some could say the seriousness of it was equal to, if not better than, the playbook Dags. The...

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