Comparative Essay John And The Director, Brave New World

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Sometimes society may make people feel pressured to act a certain way and most follow it. They are the "normal" ones, while the ones who decide to go against society's norms are the "weird" people. In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, we see a world in which everything is controlled by the World State: a government type group that decides who goes where and how they feel about it. It seems as though everyone has fallen into this, especially the Director; A man who prides himself on being really incorporated in this world. Soon we learn, there are many few who have not fallen into this world as much. One of them is the "savage" John. John is a representation of our world in a way, with similar values and actions. While these two men are opposites, they do still share some similarities. They are extremists for different groups and have completely different values. They also fight in different ways,They are both extremists which is pretty much the only similarity they share. John was raised on a reservation, and he didn't really know much about the World state, apart from the myths he heard. When Bernard and Lenina visit the reservation, he is seen as an outsider or a savage as he was born and he was nothing like the World state people. He then decides to go to the "brave new world" and is very confused by what he sees. "Oh brave new world, oh brave new world that has such people in it" is him quoting Shakespeare's The Tempest and is saying that he does not quite understand and cannot believe how these people are living. The director is representing the world state as a whole throughout the book. "'Community, Identity, Stability.' Grand Words.". He has the same ideology and literally represents the world state in his job for overseeing the test tube babies. He believes in the World state and is completely for it. John and the Director do clash a bit when John embarrasses him by saying he is John's father and the very fact this embarrasses him shows how close...

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3074 words - 12 pages individuality. Each text presents the true individuals that the modern reader can relate to as marginalized and subject to the need of the state, be it John the Savage or Roy Batty. The society of Brave New World is organised for stability and happiness, so individuality and free choice must be abolished, because "When the individual feels, the community reels". The theories of Henry Ford's mass production, which the World State has established

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3600 words - 14 pages doctors administer an overdose of soma to kill her and John hanged himself after he had given into his selfish desire for Lenina in an orgy outside his refuge from the society.These two religions point towards happiness overall. The "Brave New World" equates happiness with consumer products. The citizens are happy when they receive these mass-produced items, and they enjoy working. But the reason why can be startling.The social classes are

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610 words - 2 pages In the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley the characters John the Savage and Bernard have a lot of similarities and differences. The major thing they have in common is they are both outcasts in their futuristic society because they both disagree with the present culture. They both feel that it is unmoral. Since they are both of this opinion and situation they both can relate to each other from the moment they meet. However, the do have

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1326 words - 5 pages their sleep who have died holily in their beds.(Shakespeare 213)”. The lives of Linda and Lady Macbeth can also be viewed as victims of the utopian societies envisioned by the director and Macbeth.Freedom and individuality are sacrificed throughout Brave New World and Macbeth in order to achieve the societies envisioned by the director and Macbeth. The director tried to exile Bernard just because Bernard did not accept the norm of the utopian

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973 words - 4 pages No matter how they are told or expressed, most dystopian stories have several similar assets. They are usually made to be unique, however there are usually numerous links between them. The book Brave New World and the film “The Island” are prime examples of this statement. A few similarities include the actions of hypnopaedia, forbidden love and affection, and un-natural births. “No social stability without individual stability” (Huxley, 2007

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1511 words - 6 pages body. By manipulating the genetic code, scientists can control the number and type of enzymes and proteins in the body (Parent). In Brave New World Huxley has created his own counterparts to modern genetic engineering decades before they became reality. Upon opening the book the reader is promptly given a tour of the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre – the city’s center for human reproduction. The Director of the Hatchery leads the

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