Comparative Essay Of Lord Of The Flies And Animal Farm

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Not every leader is power hungry. Some leaders are good with power but others can never get enough. They are never satisfied with how much power they have. They want more and more, no matter the sacrifice . In William Golding's Lord of the Flies and George Orwell's Animal Farm, secondary characters, who play the roles of spokesmen, enforcers, and followers, bolster the power of the leaders, there by ensuring the leaders' success.

Firstly, both books contain secondary characters who play the role of spokesmen and increase their leaders' power. In Animal Farm, the secondary character, Squealer, has a way with words. No matter what the angle, he is able to convince all of the animals on the farm that what he says is true and right. He helps his leader, Napoleon, by keeping the animals loyal to him by using his skill of “ [turning] black into white” (Orwell 9). Moreover, Squealer blinds the animals of the truth that the pigs and especially Napoleon are their masters and things are better then they were under the rule of Jones (awkward and confusing sentence). For example, Squealer modifies the story of the Battle of the
Cowshed, so the pigs and Napoleon look like they are heroes and Snowball is the criminal. Squealer helps Napoleon by lying to the animals and keeping them on their side so no one realize that their conditions are worse then in the days of Jones, and rebel. On the other hand, Piggy of Lord of the Flies intentions are good and true -unlike those of Squealer's. Piggy helps Ralph stay in power by providing advice and ideas, which leads to most of Ralph's success. Ralph uses theses advice and ideas, to lead the group of stranded boys. Furthermore, Ralph loses his power despite having Piggy's help. Piggy can not help keep Ralph's power because Piggy does not know the truth about the monster, unlike Simon. Simon knew from his hallucination with the Lord of the Flies, that the real monster is the boys themselves. The Lord of the Flies confesses that “ I'm a part of you? Close, close, close! I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are what they are?'” (Golding 158) Piggy does not have this insight, which leads to the end of Ralph's rein in power. To finalize, both novels include secondary character that play the role of a spokesmen in which they use their intellect and persuasive skill to assist their leader's power.

Secondly, secondary characters in both novels play the role of followers who help their leader in obtaining more power. In Animal Farm, Boxer represents the hard working and loyal people. Boxer is a inspiration to all the other animals because of his strength, loyalty, “and his never-failing cry of 'I will work harder'” (Orwell 49). Plus, Boxer's faith and trust in Napoleon inspires the other animals to do so as well. In contrast, in Lord of the Flies, the Savages are the followers of Jack. They are all loyal to Jack but only because they want the food and protection that the hunters...

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