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Comparative Essay On The End Of Poverty & The White Man's Burden

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In this book Jeffrey Sachs focuses on trying to inform the global population that the state of the poorest countries in the world is completely unacceptable. He talks about the reality that although the richest countries in the world, mainly comprising of western states have been trying to aid or at least claiming to be helping in the fight against global poverty has not been doing enough to achieve this goal. In his book Jeffrey Sachs utilizes several countries, specifically Malawi, Bangladesh, India and China to show or represent the various stages of economic development and expresses it through the use of a ladder concept where there has to be a climb out of poverty. Jeffrey Sachs starts out by describing his experiences upon visiting Nthandire a small village in Malawi one of Sub-Saharan Africa's impoverished countries and one that he describes as The Perfect Storm. He recounts that this town alone has been decimated by AIDS a disease that he describes as now being treatable at the cost of a few dollars per medication. He describes a scene where a grand mother has to take care of up to 15 orphaned young children because all their parents have already died to AIDS. Due to the overwhelming spread and destruction of AIDS in that area only 5 able bodied men were left. Another sickness that is preventable yet still seems to be a major killer due to the lack of supplies or facilities is Malaria. A woman had to carry a child 10km just to have her treated for Malaria and then carry her back home the next morning. Something that could be prevented simply by the use of Malaria treated mosquito nets. He then goes and further elaborates that on a light day clinical wards where available have 2 patients to 1 bed, and at times he has even seen 3 patients, 1 with AIDS the other with Malaria and the other with Tuberculosis share the same bed in a ward due to the lack of the much needed resources. He goes on to say that this is the face of extreme poverty. In these types of situation the work load on understaffed hospitals can reach the point where 1 nurse has to take care of up to 16 patients at a time due to the fact that although there are so many qualified nurses in Kenya for example they are unable to find jobs because of budget constraints that were being brought about by a budget ceiling that was set by the IMF and World Bank. Jeffrey Sachs claims that he has continuously tried to find donors and financiers but no one has answered the call. From there he then moves on to Bangladesh a country that has escaped the utter tragedy that can be seen in Africa but has not yet managed to escape the grasps of poverty, he describes Bangladesh as On the Ladder of Development. Despite its massive growth from its inception as a state and its improvements in terms of life expectancy and such, Bangladesh has not yet escaped the grasps of extreme poverty yet it may have escaped the worst of famine and disease as that which can be seen in Malawi. The challenge they...

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