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Self-worth versus your worth to others is a timeless theme. This theme inspired the story of Teddy and his imaginary kingdom, as well, this theme is witnessed in a reminiscence of tie-breaking in chess by Harry Golombek. Both Alden Nowlan?s ?The Fall of a City? (Elements of English 10, pp. 130-133) and Harry Golombek?s personal reminiscence ?Variations on a Familiar Theme? from the collection The Chess Player?s Bedside Book deal with this theme, butfrom the viewpoint of very different characters: Teddy and Harry Golombek ? a young boy trapped within an imaginary world of kingdoms and battles, and a seasoned chess veteran who has witnessed many battles upon the chequered board of sixty-four squares. Both characters have experienced varying degrees of success: Teddy, within his imaginary world, has won many battles; Harry Golombek, on the chessboard, has also won many battles, sometimes even winning strong tournaments. Although their preferred realities are quite contrasting, the stories lead the reader to the same conclusion: self-doubt can be experienced, even after the individual has achieved great success.In both narratives, the main character describes the opponents he must face to attain a much-wanted, overall victory. King Theodore I, as Teddy was known in his imaginary world, first had to defeat the Duke of Anders. The Duke of Anders was representative of Teddy?s uncle:?Teddy looked at his uncle?s round, florid face and reflected on his resemblance to Zikla, Duke of Anders? (132). Upon his defeat, ?The Duke of Anders was brought to Theodoresburg in chains and hanged in the city square? (131). ?King Theodore?s? next opponent was The Emperor Kang. ?The Emperor Kang was as evil and cunning as the Fu Manchu about whom Teddy had read in books? (131). No other opponents of ?King Theodore? were brought to the attention of the reader.Harry Golombek, too, describes the opponents he must face with the hope of an overall victory. In this case, the battles are isolated to a chess tournament, but the opponents are no less daunting. In the tournament that Harry Golombek played in, there were ?the then Dutch champion, Kuijpers, the then Belgian champion, Boey, and the veteran ex-German champion,Kieninger? (90).Both ?King Theodore? and Harry Golombek are victorious in their respective battles; however, in the mundane reality of his home with his aunt and uncle, Teddy is not quite as confident or intimidating. ?I [Harry Golombek] tied with Boey for top place with 2 points, beating Kieninger and drawing with Boey and Kuijpers? (90). As mentioned previously, ?King Theodore? defeated the Duke of Anders; however, the battle between ?King Theodore? and The Emperor Kang is not destined to occur. The reason for this ?was his aunt, shouting from the foot of the stairs? (131). She halted Teddy?s imaginary reality for what Teddy thought would be a temporary amount of time; however, this preferred reality is never revisited by Teddy again.Harry Golombek and Boey, who...

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1489 words - 6 pages .             The many love relationships in As You Like It are delightful in their romanticism and the humor that Shakespeare has dashed into each of them, enhancing the happy nature of the play. Various situations of love are explored -- true love at first sight, unrequited love, even a hint of homosexuality in Orlando's attraction to Ganymede and Phebe's falling for Ganymede, who is really a woman. Their contrasting variety causes them to complement one another in the play's theme of love and the foolish things it makes people do, making As You Like It both entertaining and romantic.

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2801 words - 11 pages of change and modernization in way that enable them to function successfully in the modern world. Muhammad Mekki Naciri, a member of Morocco's Council of Religious Scholars states that "human rights is central to Islam" and if human rights are violated by Muslims "it is because of their ignorance of Islam and this leads to their decline." He compares this to the concept of human rights in the West and contents that it is the West who is prone to

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