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Although the world is full of countless varying cultures with their own share of myths and beliefs, I believe that the most interesting would have to that of Greece and Rome. Ancient Greek and Roman mythology involves numerous gods and goddesses and strange forms of worship, which varies greatly from my beliefs. Unlike other cultures’ myths, theirs have carried on through the ages. I’m sure if you asked any given person about Greek and Roman mythology, they would know of at least one story from that era. The beings in their myths and beliefs have been the inspiration for many pieces of literature, and lots of important things have been named after them.
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Neptune is a beautiful blue that resembles the color of the sea, and it is named after the God of the Sea. The fact that they believe in so many gods is so very unlike my own beliefs, but I still greatly enjoy reading about them.
My beliefs are very different than those of the Greek and Romans. I believe in one god, which is very unlike their belief in many. My god reigns over everything, he does not specialize in only one subject. He created everything himself, and didn’t collaborate with other gods to create the world as their gods did. He has one son, rather than a plethora of children that try to take him down. Although, I suppose we, as people, could be considered his children – and many of which do try to disprove him. However, I believe that is completely different than children who try to overpower and kill their parents and are well aware of the fact that they are those who created them.
I just can’t grasp how they believe in something so far-fetched. I suppose their beliefs could be solely based on faith, which is something our beliefs have in common. The one real difference with that is that I have proof to base my beliefs off of, when they just have strange stories passed by word of mouth. I can understand that it is what they grew up around and were raised to believe, but their beliefs are just utterly ridiculous and seem so impossible to really believe. Their gods and goddesses and their love...

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