Comparative Poltices Of Germany And Nigeria

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University of WindsorDepartment of Political Science(45-130)Fall 2008Fahad Ahmad KhanStudent no # 103016607Country Comparative ReportFrance and NigeriaIntroductionFrance is located in Western Europe and third largest country in Europe. Roughly hexagonal in shape, France shares boundaries with Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast; Germany, Switzerland, and Italy to the east; and Spain and Andorra to the southwest. In the northwest, France bounded by the English Channel. At the Strait of Dover, the narrowest part of the channel, France and England are separate by just 34 km. France faces three major seas: the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the North Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast.Republic of Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and located in Western Africa, with a coast along the Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Guinea. Most of Nigeria consists of a low plateau cut by rivers. It shares border with Chad to the northeast, Cameroon to the east, Benin to the west, Niger to the northwest. People in Nigeria belongs to different ethnic groups and for that reason the country is very rich in culture but they pose major challenges to nation building since it gained independence.The Governments: Structure and FunctionFranceOverviewFrench Republic, considered a semi- presidential representative democratic republic, with the seat of government centred in the capital. The country became independent in 486 AD, joined NATO in 1948 and is one of founders of EU and United Nation. Its governmental system divided in three branches: legislative, executive and judicial branch. (CIA fact book: France)LegislatureThe French parliament divided into two houses, the National Assembly and the Senate. Parliament deals with meeting and discussion, how to adopt into new laws. Its parliament duty to observe government exercise although, limited somewhat by the 1958 constitution. Parliament consists of the Senate (331 seats, 305 for metropolitan France, 9 for overseas departments, 5 for dependencies, and 12 for French nationals abroad; members are indirectly elected by an electoral college to serve nine-year terms; one third elected every three years) the law increased the number of Senate seats from 321 to 346, to take effect in 2010.National Assembly and Senate have equal legislative power. If two chambers disagree on a bill, final decision will be make by National Assembly, which may accept the Senate version or can readopt its own. French president can only declare law as an official. The president may ask parliament to reconsider a law or any of its article, and parliament must honour the request. The president may also request the Constitutional Council to rule on the law's constitutionality. In such cases, the law may not implement until the court has rendered its judgment.ExecutivePresident of France is head of state and commander in chief of armed forces as prime minister is the head of...

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