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Comparative Analysis Of Sci Fi Writing, (Dark City & 1984)

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The walls caving in on you, the night growing all the more still, all the more hopeless. I honestly did not realize what I was getting into when I chose '1984' & "Dark City" for my project. Their dark and gloomy moods seem to suck you into their world of hopelessness and insurmountable barriers; into a world of science fiction not often read and seen. It is a vision of a dark future, a foreboding warning to the present. I honestly believe that literature and plain science in itself will not make a stunningly great combination. The terms would be too technical, the work too muddled up in facts. This is where the fantasy of science fiction comes into play. The science comes alive with the thoughts of what could be possible, what is perceived to be achievable, perhaps even what is not. Science fiction has always served as a precursor to most everything we consider modern today. The reality of technology and achievement was dreamt up far before it came to be. And thus is the illustrious role of science fiction. To dream up a future for us, to drop us into a setting we've yet to neither behold nor conceive. Thusly so, most prose devoted to the genre convey wonderful worlds of fancy or perhaps the implications of a breathtaking new discovery that would forever change the world we live in. Which brings me to the reason as to why I selected 1984 and Dark city as topics for my essay. Both the book and the movie bare another face of science fiction. Because for all the wonderment it can bring, it can also warn us of a future that looks bleak and uninviting. Both of them envelop you in their story where you see the characters devoid of hope. Both of the stories present a future wherein a society exists in an ever changing reality. In the novel 1984, the 'party' continually edits, falsifies and changes the past and the present of its citizenry to perpetuate its existence. They use all means of forgery and distortion necessary to alter the truth to their convenience.The strangers however in Dark City are unlike the party because they are external to the citizenry. The people do not know they exist party, which although is quite mysterious, does not hold the same amount of secrecy as the group of undead corpses that alters the reality of the city populace night after night. The novel ( 1984 ) I was born in the year 1984. Today, sitting on my bed some 16 years later, I read of the novel that wrote about the year of my birth, some 40 years before it actually happened. The novel written in 1949 foretold of the events in the life of an insignificant citizen in the imminent socialist society. The story, set in (what was then) the future, intoned a grim description of the days ahead riddled with rigid stratification and totalitarianism under the guidance of the powerful 'party'. The party controlled everything, from what you were rationed to what you thought. They could alter your past, your present and...

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