Comparative Response: Othello And King Oedipus. Compare The Two Characters From The Two Plays

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King Oedipus and Othello are two characters in two different plays from the same names. 'King Oedipus' was written around c.425 and is a work of Greek tragedy. 'Othello' was written by Shakespeare in the early 1600's and also shares the common theme of being a tragedy with 'King Oedipus.' Both King Oedipus and Othello are the main characters in their plays and throughout the plays face challenges to overcome their tragedies. Both King Oedipus and Othello are natural leaders & at the beginning are regarded well by their society. However, when they are both faced with tragedy you tend to feel more sympathy towards King Oedipus because he was unable to avoid his fate while Othello brought his fate upon himself.Both King Oedipus & Othello are well regarded by society. King Oedipus is well regarded by the society of Thebes because he saved them from the Sphinx by solving the riddle. When Thebes is hit with the plague the citizens all come to King Oedipus because they believe that he will be able to save them once again. King Oedipus is also respected by the community because he is openly concerned for the people of Thebes. 'I grieve for you, my children. Believe me, I know.´ Othello is also well respected as he is the General in the Venetian Army. Othello is well respected as he is polite, 'My very noble and approved good masters,' courageous, 'valiant Moor,' as he is referred to by the senator and also fascinating, 'She loved me for the dangers I had passed,' when Othello is referring to the stories about himself. He feels that he is just as important as anyone else in Venetian society and deserves the respect he is given, 'as proud a fortune as this that I have reached.' While King Oedipus is respected by the whole community of Thebes there are people who do not respect Othello such as Iago who described Othello as 'an old black ram' and Roderigo who referenced him as a 'lascivious Moor.' The references made by these two characters are referring to his colour and his African background.Both King Oedipus and Othello did have some flaws in their character which contributed to their fall. King Oedipus is a very arrogant man as shown in the scene where Teiresias confronts Oedipus about his past. Oedipus quickly accuses Teiresias of having a part in the plague, 'I tell you I do believe you had a hand in plotting,' and offends him by making references to the fact that Teiresias is blind. 'In your heart, if not with the eye.' Oedipus is very quick to deny the fact that the plague could actually have something to do with him, 'You dare to say it! Have you no shame at all?' Othello's character flaw is that he is quite easily made jealous of the fact that he believes Desdemona is having an affair. Without any real evidence except a scarf and Iago giving Othello the wrong idea, he believes that Desdemona is cheating on him, 'Lie with her! Lie on her! Zounds, that's fulsome!' Othello is so confident that Desdemona is cheating on him, that with...

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