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Comparative Study Between Saltwater And Freshwater

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H_2 O (freshwater) is a well-known substance present in all organisms and all biomes on earth in various forms. Water is a substance which has a unique molecular structure that allows it to appear in different forms on earth and even in outer space. When water is in its simplest form, it appears as a liquid substance at room temperature. This discussion will address the similarities and differences between freshwater and saltwater. Although it is chemically very similar, most land organisms rely on freshwater to survive but only a mere 3% of the earth’s water is fresh.
Saltwater and freshwater have a few similarities as well as differences. These two types of water both have the same molecular structure, but saltwater just contains dissolved salts and therefore can exist in three different states which is a liquid, gas or solid state and this phenomena can occur depending on the atmospheric ...view middle of the document...

Freshwater is good for many everyday uses, such as washing clothes, dishes or even for water sports. People make use of water every day even if they do not realize it because water is present in their bodies which is used as a solvent for the ordinary metabolic reactions that occur in their bodies. All forms of life need water because they can die without it (Freeman, 2007:1). Saltwater and freshwater are the only substances that can occur naturally as a solid, gas or liquid (Freeman, 2007:1).
The hydrogen bonding of the hydrogen molecules are bonded in such a way that it allows cohesion and adhesion (Freeman, 2007: 8). This unique bonding of hydrogen molecules provides freshwater with a unique ability to stick together with other water molecules and it also allows freshwater molecules to stick to other surfaces as well. Saltwater is denser than freshwater because saltwater contains salt which makes it more denser than freshwater. Saltwater can easily be distinguished from freshwater because freshwater floats above saltwater due to its relatively lower density than the saltwater.
Freshwater covers at least 3% of the earth’s surface and at least 97% of the water on the earth’s surface is saltwater. Freshwater may be very scarce in most places because of many geographical, environmental or wasting factors. The properties of freshwater can support life which suggests that without water, most living organisms and biomes may not exist. Water is one of the main supporting factors of life on earth. Water is a very valuable source and it is very abundant however, the water needed to sustain life on earth is scarce but it has not been depleted due to a complex system which allows water to be stored and regenerated so that it can be used all over again, this system is called the hydrological cycle. Water is sometimes regarded as a renewable source, but people seem to forget that water can be depleted and this kind of thinking can lead to a shortage of water all over the world therefore there are many laws and regulations that are set in place in order to conserve freshwater for future concerns.

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