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Comparative Study Of Religions Essay

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The definition of religion changes all throughout the world. A neighbor, a coworker, a traveler, a student studying abroad would provide all sorts of different views and opinions on what religion means to them. It can be difficult at times to relate to other religions and provide factual information that has no bias and fully demonstrates the religion but it is important to find a common ground between factual and bias to create a better perception of what religion has to offer others. When narrowing in on three certain religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there are similarities in beliefs or doctrines but they may symbolize for completely different things.
A similar belief that all three religions share is God. God means different things to each religion though. A similarity between the three Abraham religions is that God is recognized as “…[E]ternal, uncreated, all-knowing, and all-powerful, and it is God alone who created the universe and humankind”(Brodd, Little, Nystrom, Platzner, Shek & Stiles, 466). While Christian’s believe in God as the creator of the Earth, they also accept the trinity, otherwise known as God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. “Just as the Father represents God’s power in the creation of the world, and just as the Son both reveals the Father and redeems a sinful humanity, the Holy Spirit represents God’s continuing presence in the world” (Brodd et al., 412). This belief is not recognized within Muslim or Jewish beliefs because it goes against the emphasis of the oneness of God between the two religions. The importance of prayer is highly recognized for the communication with God but offers different meanings. Jewish people view types of prayers as “… [P]rayers of praise, confession, petition, and thanksgiving”(Brodd et al., 392). God is ultimately the caregiver and the one who is concerned for the people of His faith. For Christians, prayer is the way to deepen the spiritual life. Christianity allows for prayer to God, the Son, or the Holy Spirit. God is sought after in times of happiness, hunger, pain, guidance, forgiveness, etc. Islamic people view prayer as a remembrance of God and an act of love and respect. Prayer is not sought to ask for things or seek help for painful situations. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all feel that God will not reveal his ultimate plan or ultimate reality.
Another similar belief between the three religions is the idea of the Day of Judgment or afterlife. For Judaism, the belief in the afterlife is rather questionable and most often not believed in. Steven Cory wrote that “… [T]he notion of individual salvation and heavenly existence is not prominent in Judaism” (n.pag.). It is a hard concept for most people to try to understand when thinking of what will come after death and it is something that science cannot prove. It is still common though to see the acknowledgement of the resurrection of the dead within prayer books today (Brodd et al., 735). Christianity branched away from...

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