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Comparative Study Of Sar From Mobile Phones With And Without Headset

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Abstract— Mobile phone have become the most commonly used electronic gadget. A world without mobile phone is now almost unimaginable. The radiofrequency signals produced by mobile phones are transferred as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR has the ability to penetrate through semi solid substances especially human body's tissues and caused dielectric heating. This effect can be classified as thermal and non thermal radiation. The skin near ear skull region is very thin compare to other part of human body. When using mobile phone for a longer period of time, this area absorbs EMR easily that can affects human immune systems. This paper is mainly focused on the study about signal absorption rate under various circumstances. Already there are various methods to measure this radiation rate, but International standard is not yet available. Here I measured the radiation power from the mobile phone and study has been done under various situations. Further work is being done on the measurement of SAR when mobile phones are used with headset and without headset.

Index Terms— Radiation, Base station, SAR, Antenna, Radiated Power, Conical Log Spiral Antenna


Cell phone technology has revolutionized the telecommunication scenario in India. Due to its several advantages, cell phone technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. Currently, there are more than 50 crore cell phone users and nearly 4.4 lakh cell phone towers to meet the communication demand. The numbers of cell phones and cell towers are increasing without giving due respect to its disadvantages. Because of this, scientists worldwide are concerned about the potential health risks associated with the use of mobile phones. As we all know, the radiations are nothing but the microwave energy. The range of microwave is 1 to 300Ghz.Usually this word is used for wavelength measured in micron ranges. In revised version microwave frequencies refer to those in the range from1Ghz to 106Ghz. Then the wavelength is in the order of 3micrometre. Radiation is electromagnetic in nature, i.e., it consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together through space at the speed of light. We can say that we are now living in a world which is filled with radiation.

1.1 Radiation from the cell tower

This section gives some details on the amount of radiation power that can possibly be emitted from a cell tower. We can have a look on the GSM 900 base station antenna. The transmission frequency of such an antenna ranges from 935 -960 MHz. Here we get a frequency band of 25 MHZ, which is divided into twenty sub bands. Thus each sub band will be having a band width of 1.2 MHz. This band will be allocated to various operators. Also each operator is provided with several carrier frequencies may be from one to five frequencies. The upper limit of carrier frequency that is allocated to a single operator is 6.2 MHz bandwidth. Each carrier frequency may transmit 10 to 20W of...

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