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Compare "A Red Red Rose" By Robert Burns To "So We'll Go No More A Roving" By Lord Byron. How Do They Convey Feelings Of Desire And Loss?

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Compare 'A Red, Red, Rose' to 'So We'll Go No More A-Roving. How do they convey feelings of desire and loss?Both a 'Red, Red, Rose' and so we'll go no more a-roving' arewrote in ballad form. They are romantic poems about desire, lossand regret.'So we'll go no more a-roving' (L1) is to be spoken with regret ina melancholic tone. Byron knows and accepts that he can nolonger go out 'So late into the night' (L2) he shrugs of his wantingwith the use of the word 'So' but the desire is still there eventhough it can no longer be achieved. 'Though the heart still be asloving, And the moon still be as bright' (L3-4). Even though themoon is old like him it can still stay out late into the night. Themoon is a representation for Byron still being young of mind, hisemotional will and desire to go out are still as bright as they werewhen he was young. Now he is too old to do all of these things heused to do and still wants to do. Byron is reminiscing about hispast and looking back wishing/desiring that he can do them allover again and relive the experiences once again unfortunately heknows that this is not possible and is regretful over this. 'For thesword outwears its sheath' (L5) this represents how Byron was inhis youthfulness his ability to dual, stand up for his self andgenerally take part in energetic activities. Even though Byron stillwants to do all of these things and in spirit he is still able, but hisbody is too worn to let him. 'And the soul wears out the breast'(L6). Byron's soul will last forever wanting to stay out late intothe night but again his old worn out body is too tired for Byron tohave the physical ability to carry out his emotional desires. YetByron will still be desiring long after his body has decayed.'And the heart must pause to breath' (L7) Byron's heart skips abeat at the intensity of the emotional desires in which he feels. Asis the case with many older people, when they have becomeoverwhelmed with emotion, reminiscing about their past or havetaken part...

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