Compare And Analyse China Against France On How Ip Is Adopted To Protect Ict Innovation & Entrepreneurship, From Legal Perspective

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COMP1B03 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Rise of the ICT Industry in ChinaIndividual Literature Review3.From Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and legal PerspectiveCompare and analyse China against another country / region (including Taiwan, but excluding Hong Kong & Macau) on how IP is adopted to protect ICT innovation & entrepreneurship, from legal perspective.Date of submission 20/3/2014AbstractThis review explore the current intellectual law in China that how to adopt to protect the ICT innovation and entrepreneurship. First we will review the background information to analysis the cause of the intellectual in China. Then we will analysis how current intellectual law in China to protect the innovation and entrepreneurship.After a clear understanding of the law protection, we will analysis what is the inadequate of those law in China. And last we will discuss what can China learn from France, which is the highly valued the intellectual property in the world, that how their experience of protect Intellectual Property can China learn to adopt the innovation of ICT and entrepreneurship.Content:1.Introdcution2.1 Background information related to China2.2The current IP protection policy in China3. The current problem in China4.What China can learn from France5.ConclusionReferenceList of figuresFigure 1Figure2AbbreviationIP: Intellectual propertythe Quality Brands Protection Committee :OBPCthe United States Trade Representative : USTR1.IntorductionChina has a long history in the world. In the history of China, copying is not improper, and consider that this is showing the respect to the past."Memorizing and repeating the Confucian classics during official examinations and copying the masters in painting and poetry helped to perpetuate the norms of the past and to replicate them in the present" (Chow, 2000; Chow, 2003).Based on the following, Sameer argued that copying is legal in the ancient China. It did not suffer from condemnation and social stigma which is poles apart from the western. Nowadays, China is the world's second largest economy, the trading between China with other countries has been increased rapidly since the Chinese economic reform. And the issue of the intellectual property present after the reformation. As a result the China government started to reconsider about the protection of the intellectual properties for their own and the external product, ideas and technology. In this paper, we are going to discuss about the current intellectual property protection policy in China and United States of America, and analysis how those policy can protect the ICT innovation and entrepreneurship.2.1 Background information related to China2.1.1History perspectiveIn the introduction we have discussed that the ancient China did not value intellectual property. In late Qing Dynasty, the government introduced the intellectual law for the first time. However due to the revolution and the Chinese Civil War, those policy were...

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