Compare And Contrast 3 Radio Stations, 2 Public And 1 Privately Owned

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Compare and Contrast6PR (Morning Show), ABC 720 Morning and The West Australian are three mediums by which information is communicated to the public, but each is different to the other in the way it communicates its facts, stories and headlines to its target audience. The more obvious difference is the way The West Australian delivers its stories and information to that of 6PR or ABC Radio. The West Australian newspaper is aimed at a broad audience across all ages whilst the radio programme 6PR is aimed at a broad but older audience (30+) and the ABC 720 Morning has a target audience of an ‘elite and intelligent’ elder group of people.Beside the obvious fact that print and radio are completely different mediums, there are also more subtle factors that add to the differences in the communication of news and current events to the public. These differences are the result of several factors; the differing target audiences; the news reporters and presenters; the selection and ordering of information; and even the tone created by the presentation. One medium may more effectively present a story compared to the other one, and in this case, it is beneficial for the audience to have exposure to both. It is usually common to have people read and listen to both mediums as they may understand a story better when presented by one medium compared to the other, or one presenter may be biased towards a story while the other is neutral. While the three news mediums often present the same issues and events, their differing style and target audience ensure that the final product that is delivered to the public differs greatly.For the news presentation on the 15th of July the two radio stations, ABC720 and 6PR both contained similar stories but the main difference was the order of priority the stories were presented. ABC’s head story was that of the terrorist’s attacks in London, and how these attacks could in fact not be as far away as we think. This would be the more mainstream angle to tackle as it should be more interesting to a broader audience. 6PR started with its story on the building industry, and the affordability to the average wage earners. This may be an interesting story, but only attracts a certain audience; middle aged to older audience interested in buying a house or similar. They make it more interesting by letting the audience know it is the “great Australian dream” going down the drain. The West Australian’s major story was that the same of ABC720; a focus on recent terrorist attacks. These two both tackled the same information, presenting ideas that the attacks could be ‘in our own backyard’, and we would be kidding ourselves to think that they weren’t. ABC then followed its major story up with the interviews of coaches, John Worsfold and Leigh Matthews; quite different to that of 6PR again, who had a story and talkback on fuel prices in Perth.Once again, The West Australian’s presentation...

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