Compare And Contrast Two Or Three Poems Or Extracts From Longer Poems By Wordsworth

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Compare and Contrast two or three poems or extracts from longer poems by Wordsworth In this essay I am going to compare and contrast two extracts from "˜The Prelude'. In both extracts, Wordsworth is exploring the effect of nature on himself as a young poet and how nature gave him moral guidance during his childhood. Whilst the first extract is about a rather serious, frightening experience, the second extract concerns an event which is much more exhilarating. His experiences in each are intensely personal and spontaneous, the result of his direct interaction with the natural world. In each extract the young poet is doing an activity closely linked to nature. Extract One involves the boat-stealing adventure, when he took a boat out on the lake one evening in his holidays at Patterdale. Extract Two is when the young poet goes skating with the other boys one cold evening and really enjoys it, then he is attracted to skate alone by nature. In doing this we realise he is just as happy in solitude as he is in a group. In both extracts there is a feeling of a sense of the hidden power of nature. In the first extract the mountains convey the power of nature, "˜With measured motion, like a living thing, Strode after me.' Here the mountains are personified and likened to an unknown creature. The word "˜Strode' indicates a strong and powerful movement, which shows the hidden strength of nature. In the second extract the power of nature is shown through the earth turning on its axis, "˜"¦ Yet still the solitary cliffs Wheeled by me "“ even as if the earth had rolled With visible motion her diurnal round!' This is an effective simile as it shows that nature has the power to drive the world around.In the first extract the experience is related to "˜an act of slealth / And troubled pleasure' and shows that natural law cannot be broken in this guilty way with impunity: the poet has been taught a lesson by nature. In both extracts nature can be seen as the figurative foster parent. Wordsworth suggests that childhood is of crucial importance and by learning from mistakes made, nature influences adulthood. This is shown in the paradox in "˜My Heart Leaps Up' when Wordsworth writes "˜The child is father of the Man'. Wordsworth effectively controls the use of form, which is blank verse, in both extracts. Enjambment is used to create the idea of movement in each but to create a different motion. In the first extract Wordsworth writes "˜I pushed,' to convey the idea of the boat being pushed into the water. This works well as there is a natural pause and this creates the idea of the effort involved in pushing off. You also get a sense of the movement involved in using enjambment as it gives a sense of continuity. This is also used in the second extract but to create a different sense of movement. He writes "˜Stopped short;' which shows the abruptness of the skating. This sudden stop is...

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