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Laney and Bella
Laney and Bella are both dogs that live at Alissa's house in Danville, Iowa. They are full
bread boxers that were adopted from the same breeder who breads several times a year. Laney
and Bella have the same Mother. Alissa has grown up living with both of these dogs since the
day they were brought home. They are very loving, friendly, and a part of their family.
Sometimes, Alissa and her mom think dad loves the dogs more than he loves them. They love
them both dearly and would not trade them for anything. Although Laney and Bella seem to be
partially the same, the family has noticed several differences that they share over the years living
with them.
Laney and Bella are different in age. Although they were adopted from the same breeder
and have the same mother, they were adopted at different times. Laney was the first dog that was
adopted. She was adopted from a friend of Alissa's family. They dog sat her and loved her so
much she never went back to that home. She is currently nine years old. Her birthday is August
9, 2004. After the family's beloved golden retriever Tara passed away, they decided to get
another boxer because they all love Laney so much and she is such a great dog.
Alissa's mom found the same breeder that her friend got Laney from. That is when they
adopted Bella. She was the last puppy that the breeder had, and she was considered the runt of
litter. The family feel in love with her instantly and decided to take her home. Bella is currently
five years old. Her birthday is November 4, 2008.
They are also different in size. Although they are considered full grown, Laney is bigger
than Bella. Laney has really long legs and is thick through the middle. She weighs about sixty

pounds and is very tall and stocky. She often uses her long legs to her advantage by jumping over
couches and different furniture. Alissa and her family are very reluctant she is very disciplined
and does not jump over the fence they have in their backyard, because she could do it easily.
Bella is very small for her age. She has short stocky legs and she is very skinny. Since
Bella was the runt of her litter, she is predicted to be smaller than normal boxers are full grown.
Bella only weighs about forty pounds. This makes Laney only about twenty pounds more than
Bella, but by looking at them you can see that Laney is much taller and fatter compared to
Bella's short legs and skinny mid-section.
Not only are they different in size, but also different in appearance. They have different
coat colors and different fur designs. Laney is one solid color throughout her mid-section like her
mother. She is a light mocha brown color with only a small amount of black across her nose. She
also has a little bit of white, especially on her belly. Her color is called fawn with a black mask.
She looks identical to what her mother looks like.
Bella is known as a brindle because of the black spots and stripes she has located all over
her body. Bella is a brindle...

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