Compare And Contrast Academic Geography And Academic Chinese Studies

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To a novice Geography and Chinese Studies may look as two completely separate parts of academia. Geography or ‘geographia’ translated from Ancient Greek to the ‘earth’s description’ has been used since 276 BC and was the groundings for now modern Geography categorised by Human Geography; the study of places, the space they occupy, the environment in which they are located in and the Human implications caused by this (Gregory, D. et al. eds 2009 The Dictionary Of Human Geography). The other Physical Geography; is the characterization and explanation of geological, hydrological, biological and atmospheric phenomena and their interactions at, or near the Earth’s surface. (Gregory, D. et al. eds 2009 The Dictionary Of Human Geography). Compared to Geography, Contemporary Chinese Studies is a newly born subject in the pool of academia, as it has only been properly taught in universities since the 1980s compared to Geography becoming a discipline the 1820s. Due to the age of the the groundings subject definition is always rapidly changing, but it could be considered as the undertaking and promoting advanced interdisciplinary social sciences research into key aspects of the rapid changes in China (Governance and Politics of China). Reflecting this, it could be considered that the presentation, teaching style and the academic staff that are involved in developing and teaching these subjects would differ greatly, along with the nature of the subjects and what they involve. These questions will be the basis of this paper along with exploring, contrasting and comparing these academic subjects.
The origins of both Geography and Chinese Studies is the bases of its academic acknowledgement. To most people, Geography means knowing where places are and what they are like. Discussion of an area’s Geography usually refers to its topography the relief and drainage patterns and predominant vegetation along with climate and weather patterns and other climate related forecasting together with Human responses to that and other changing environments, as in agricultural, industrial, and other land uses and in settlement and urbanization patterns. (Geography – An integrated Approach, David Waugh). For Geography, you would expect mapping and cartography to be its true origins. On the contrary Geography was created as people travelled and encountered new, different and changing environments along with different creeds of people and cultures. This knowledge was then collected and stored about such new and exotic places, this first demonstrated by the Greek philosopher known as Herodotus. From this one man, this knowledge became known as Geography and during the years that followed the information collated by his peers much like Ptolemy who discovered latitudes and longitudes. Through the years, Geography developed, including the emergence of cartography in the 16th century where the first published maps of the world was created and was known as the ‘Epitome of the...

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