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Compare And Contrast Elie Weisel And Anne Frank

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Holocaustic RemainsThe holocaust was one of the most horrific events of the 20th century, with over 6 million Jews, as well as millions of others, being slaughtered mindlessly no better than vermin. Within this tragedy of an event, there existed two Jewish individuals, and although one of them wasn't fortunate enough to survive the treachery, they have both contributed undeniably to the present day's understanding of the holocaust. Elie Weisel and Anne Frank's writings are both incredibly distinct, individual pieces, all the while sharing extremely prominent features. This so happens to be, as the two authors both have similarities and differences in writing style, as well as their own life ...view middle of the document...

Another, more technical difference in the two writers' styles is their use of tense. With Anne Frank, her works are written in present tense, apart from her brief reflections of the events that took place that day. An example is, "Dussell is a very nice man, just as we all imagined." In contrast with Weisel, the difference is presented through means of Night's constant use of past tense. "The wheels began to ground. We were on our way." The reason for this difference is unmistakably due to the time in the authors' life whereupon it was decided to write about their lives. The tense has a large part to do with the readers intake of what is written, as past tense tends to give of the feeling of a solid story, one in which an ending is certain. With a narrated story, especially stories like Night in which the narrator is presented with life-threatening situations, to have it written in past tense gives the reader assurance that the narrator makes it through his struggles, as it is he who is telling the story. When dealing with present tense, the reader is always suspended within an opaque cloud of uncertainty regarding the fate of the narrator.Thus can be seen a few differences in style between Elie Weisel's Night, and Anne Frank's diary entries.As the two authors wrote their literature works under extremely different circumstances, Anne Frank's as simple diary entries and Elie Weisel's as a prim and proper memoir, similarities in their writing style are extremely hard to come by. So it is not that big a surprise to have found but a single, extremely common similarity, the point of view. It is not surprising to find that both Anne Frank and Elie Weisel wrote their pieces in first person point of view as the subject of the writings was in fact the author him/herself. Yet one may doubt that the pieces would truly have the effect they do should, say, the pieces have been written in third person. The fact that they are both written this way immediately personalises the reader with the situations at hand, as well as directly feeds the reader all of the emotion and feelings of the character. Especially when dealing with such a tragic event like the holocaust, a survivor may chose to write in third person so as not to fully face that which is in their past, but rather through the character they write about. Elie Weisel instead chose to confront his demons face to face and relive his troubling past through his own eyes, directly for the reader. Anne Frank on the other hand, not knowing her writing was to be read, simply followed suit with all diary-keeping young girls and worded it as if it were a simple conversation with her diary. Thus it can be seen that the two authors share no aspects of writing style, apart from their writing point of view.The way the two authors portray their stories is fully dependant on their experiences in life, particularly the holocaust. Therefore as to whether or not their experiences are similar and/or different is truly of...

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