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Compare And Contrast Essay Of Cheyenne,Ok And Bedford,Ma

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How can two average towns in two different states contain so many differences and similarities? The towns are: Bedford, Massachusetts, approximate population of 12,000 and Cheyenne, Oklahoma, approximate population of 800. There are many differences and similarities in these two towns such as an economic aspect, a sociological aspect, and a historical aspect.The town of Bedford has a much higher income level than the town of Cheyenne. The people in Bedford have a much higher cost of living than the people in the town of Cheyenne. There is a lot more employment opportunities among the people in Bedford. The median cost to purchase a house in Bedford is approximately $332,200 versus the approximate median cost of $42,175 in Cheyenne for a home. The median income for a family in Bedford is $101,981 while the median family income in Cheyenne is $37,159. There are also differences in the level of poverty in these towns. Bedford has a total of 2.5 percent of its population living in poverty. Cheyenne, on the other hand, has a total of 18.4 percent of its population living in poverty. The higher income may also explain the difference in the sociological views of the two towns.Bedford and Cheyenne have little in common when it comes to the society. In Bedford, people meet at coffee shops to socialize while people in Cheyenne people meet at the convenience stores. The people in Bedford think that it is weird that the motels fills-up during deer season, while people in Cheyenne can not believe the summer tourism in Bedford. The people in Cheyenne are also a lot more friendly then the peoplein Bedford. The children in Bedford act more...

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