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Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Don Quixote

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In both Hamlet and Don Quixote we find many characters that fashion themselves in different ways in order to gain something from the situations they are put into. These characters include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern found in Hamlet and Sancho Panza and the Priest in Don Quixote.
In Hamlet two characters tend to stand out as people who have become accustomed to self fashioning. These two characters are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. When these two men are introduced in the story, they both have just arrived at the castle to meet with King Claudius and Queen Gertrude. King Claudius and Queen Gertrude know these men are good friends with Hamlet, and know they can be used to diagnose the problem afflicting Hamlet. When you first meet these two men you realize they are not coming for wealth or riches. They are coming to serve orders of their King and Queen and to visit their good friend. Soon though you can see these men’s personalities shift. They begin to fashion themselves in a way that it is visible that they are just looking for a gain over their current situation. Claudius and Gertrude quickly offer wealth if the two, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, help find out what troubles Hamlet. The men see this as a way to make money, and this ultimately leads to their down fall. Greed begins to creep into their lives. Instead of just being good friends, they look at this as an opportunity for gain. They begin to transform from friends and men with dignity, to men who want to make a dollar. This is very clear when Hamlet asks if they have been beckoned for or if they have come on their own accord. Instead of saying yes we were sent for they pause and stumble on their words. Hamlet knows these are not the men who were once his friends. They may still view themselves as friends, but Hamlet knows they are lying. He can see they are beginning to fashion themselves in a way he does not like. He knows they have a reason behind the visit. It is not just friendship that brings them. Their motives have changed. Once Hamlet sees this clearly, he never again talks to either one about anything of importance. They are no longer the men whom he knew. When the time comes, Hamlet changes the contents of the letter and asks that they be killed. With their death we see that change for gain is not always a good thing.
In our next book Don Quixote we see another character who fashions himself differently a number of different times. This character is known as Sancho Panza. At the beginning we see Sancho as a simple man who is trying to support his family. He is not looking for anything else. Then comes along Don Quixote, who offers him good compensation to join him on an adventure. We see Sancho change here from a dumb man to one who is looking for a gain any way he can. In the case of Sancho it is wealth and land. We see Sancho not question Don Quixote about knights at this time and place. He goes along for the dollar. We then view Sancho refashion...

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