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Compare And Contrast How Effectively Jane Yolen And Roberto Benigni Convey The Horrors Of The Holocaust In Briar Rose And Life Is Beautiful.

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Compare and contrast how effectively Jane Yolen and Roberto Benigni convey the horrors of the Holocaust in Briar Rose and Life is Beautiful.

Jane Yolen and Roberto Benigni both use similar and different techniques within their texts - Briar Rose and Life is Beautiful (1997) - to effectively convey the horrors of the Holocaust. The first technique used to express the perils of Jews in WWII is the use of the fairytale genre. In the second part of Life is Beautiful the story occurs in a concentration camp to emphasise the hardships faced during the Holocaust, while in the second part of Briar Rose, the story takes place from the perspective of the partisans. The final point is that Benigni uses humour and comedy throughout the film, while Yolen provides bits and pieces of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty in-between the actually storyline of the novel. With the use of these techniques the terrors of war are shown through the two texts.

Both Yolen and Benigni use the fairytale genre to effectively convey the horrors of the Holocaust. In Yolen's text, Briar Rose, Gemma states "My curse will come true. A great mist will fall over the castle and everyone will die." The fairytale Sleeping Beauty is an allegory for the Jewish experience in WWII. The `mist' represents the gas used to kill prisoners at concentration camps. Gemma's `curse' represents the mistreatment of Jews at the hands of the Nazis. Similarly in Life is Beautiful, the fairytale genre is present at the beginning of the film when Joshua says, "Like a fable there is sorrow … and like a fable it is full of wonder and happiness." The aspect of fairytale is also shown in the beginning where Guido called himself a prince and calls Dora a princess, "Good morning, Princess." With the use of those techniques the Horrors of the Holocaust are portrayed and uncovered to the audience.

Yolen and Benigni use different perspectives in the second half of their works to effectively convey the...

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