Compare And Contrast Huckleberry Finn (Huck) And Tom Sawyer

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Compare and contrast - Huckleberry Finn (Huck) and Tom Sawyer.

Huckleberry Finn (Huck) and Tom Sawyer are two of the characters
created by Mark Twain for two of his timeless books. They are as
different as night and day but in some cases as similar as an
alligator and a crocodile. Tom is a born leader and Huck is a
follower. Tom is unaccustomed to the fierceness of life on the streets
and Huck is very familiar with it. However, both Tom and Huck enjoy
playing tricks on people and causing trouble in the town where they

Another way that they are similar is that they both confuse
information. For example, Huck tells Jim that Henry VIII married a new
wife everyday after cutting off the head of the previous one. Huck
also says that each of the wives would tell the king a story and he
collected the stories until he had 1001. There is factual information
in both of those statements. Henry VIII did cut off some of his wives
heads, but only so he could marry another woman in hopes that she
would bear him a son to rule in his place. The part about collecting
stories comes from the legend of how 10001 Arabian Nights was
composed, which states that a wife of an Arab king told him various
stories for 1001 nights. Tom on the other hand confuses information
from books. For example, he convinces his friends to help him raid a
caravan that was transporting jewels through the woods and after it
turns out that they were raiding a Sunday school picnic, Tom tells
Huck that genies transformed the treasure and its guards into
children. This explanation is the merging of the windmill scene in Don
Quixote and Aladdin from 1001 Arabian Nights. The fact that Tom can
turn a Sunday school picnic into a caravan of Arabs proves that Tom
likes to create excitement from non-exciting occurrences.

Huck, however, does not need to create any excess excitement, because
most of the events that happen to him are already exciting. Huck wants
very much to be able to live a life not bound by rules and acting
properly, because he finds it to be very restricting. So he fakes his
murder to stop anyone from trying to follow him; and as soon as he
begins his journey to find a place to practice living without rules,
excitement hangs over him like a cloud. First he finds Jim on
Jackson's Island, where Huck decided to stay for a little while. Jim
is one of the slaves of Ms....

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