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Compare And Contrast         In Today’s Day And Age People Are

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Compare and Contrast In today's day and age people are very critical about the way people from different areas treat others. I believe there are many similarities amongst these two types of people. However, I can not ignore the fact that there are numerous differences as well. Not only are these people different and alike concerning their social habits, but their living environments, recreational activities, and law enforcement traditions as well.Many people are aware that the two opposites act differently than that of which each are used to. Ensuing are my views on the story. People who reside in the country often snicker at those that dwell in the part of society so often referred to as the rat race. These people who in return are referred to as "Hicks" find it hard to understand the reasoning behind living in the city. Although people also known as "City Slickers" are often times closer to what they consider necessities. Country people would rather rely on a small communities miles away to fulfill all of their needs. These needs mentioned are things like food, hygiene products, as well as any and all of their wants that people in the city take for granted. Another difference in the two is their up keep and or chores of which they are responsible for from day to day. City Slickers in my eyes, on this subject, are lazy. Whereas country people often have to complete a plethora of chores that are often times not finished until the sun goes down. City people usually have very few chores that are of great importance like milking a cow or collecting eggs. If nothing else these two different types of people have different living environments solely by their obviously different landscapes. Landscape, being the fact that country people can live miles away from each other and city people only have to walk a few paces to see...

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