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Compare And Contrast Of Henry And Edwards Speeches

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST The primary aim of Henry and Edward's speech is to express and convince their audience to follow their ideas and beliefs. The intent of the two speeches is different, but their purpose is the same, to persuade the audience to follow their ideals. By using strong language the orators appeal to people's emotions. The use of repetition emphasizes as well as clarifies their point of view. Even though the objectives of the speeches are different, the same methods have been applied to attain their goals.Even though the idea behind the speech for both the orators is different, both try to convince their audience to adopt their particular opinions and take certain actions. Religious revival is the main purpose of Jonathan Edward's speech. He wants to warn the congregation that being church members will not automatically save them from going to hell. They have to experience a personal moment where they feel the grace of God. He wishes to change the behavior of his audience toward God and show them the correct path to salvation. In contrast, Patrick Henry's main aim was to convince the delegates for the need of armed resistance. Henry and Edward make their speeches persuasive and inflammatory in order to make the audience think and do what they desire. Both the writers' use highly charged language to trigger intense feelings such as fear and insecurity. Edwards' speech provokes fear of hell to get people to believe in the divine spirit. Henry on the other hand, appeals to the people by telling them that without armed resources they will be put under the British control. He tries to bring out the patriotic feeling in all his audience. The orators also use very strong and provocative allusions to show their audience the importance of taking their path. Henry warns the colonists not...

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