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Compare And Contrast Of Henry O Tanner’s Painting "The Head Of A Jew In Palestine” Wit"H Alice Pike Barneys´S Painting " The Head Of A Negro Boy"

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For my research I decided to visit the Smithsonian art museum in Washington dc. The Smithsonian art museum has about 3299 art works on display for viewing. I was able to see many great works of art while the art museum. The trip was eye opening. I was exposed to different art techniques with varying use of contrast and depth. I noted the different brush strokes and drawing styles and how they varied between each artist. After viewing many works of art, I decided to compare Henry O Tanner’s painting “The head of a Jew in Palestine” with Alice Pike Barneys painting, “The head of a Negro Boy”

Henry Tanner was a realism painter during the Harlem renaissance. Henry tanner was born in ...view middle of the document...

She was also of assistance in building The National Sylvan Theater. Alice Barney also played an active role in the women’s suffrage movement.

The head of a Jew in Palestine is an oil painting by Henry O Tanner. It is a realism painting as it depicts a real person that could be seen in during everyday life. The man takes the majority of the canvas space. The portrait depicts the man from the top of his head down to his waistline. The portrait focuses solely on the man; nothing else is depicted in the background or anywhere else on the canvas. The area surrounding the man is painted a solid dark color; the color is similar to a dark brown. The man has a long exaggerated white beard. He appears to be elderly. The hair on his head is very thin and his mustache is graying. He is dressed in a dark green shirt or robe. The expression on his face looks as if he is fatigued and apprehensive. The majority of detail in the picture is within the man’s face and eyes. His face is a very high contrast in comparison to the dark background and clothing the painting is exceedingly realistic.
The Head of a Negro Boy is an oil painting by Alice Barney. Barney used most of the canvas for the depiction. The portrait includes the top of the boys head down to his collarbone. The artist gave a great amount of detail to the white shirt and brown jacket that the boy is wearing in the portrait. The background color in the picture was bright and vibrant; it was a very light tan color. The background color has a very high contrast in comparison to the boy’s dark skin and clothing. The boy appears to be about thirteen years of age. In the portrait, he has yet to grow facial hair. One might describe the expression on his face as content. He does not appear to be happy, however, he does not look sad. The artist gave most detail to his facial features. Other parts of his body such as his ear and jawline have minimal...

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