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Compare And Contrast Of Mobile Computing In Healthcare And Financial Industry

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Diffusion of the mobile computing technologies has accelerated in the turn of the century. Computing development has increased from Information Technology (IT) and Mobility production stages, while globalization has enhanced with organizations to build a far-reaching communication around the world. The Government agencies are increasing the effort to find solutions, which will help them deliver critical data services and information to citizens and businesses, based on Healthcare Systems and International Financial Services.
For the Healthcare system, a program can be set for the healthcare management that can improve transforming of data through information technology. E-health was one of them, which is an essential part of the future technologies that deal with integrating mobile-based systems for the healthcare database. "It offers the potential to expand access to healthcare significantly, to improve its quality, to reduce its costs and paper, and the ways of the research" (p.1). Nowadays, for "payments by mobile and demonstrating the health record" of a person are being used through Healthcare Apps (p. 317-336). Organizations have encouraged many hospitals and other healthcare providers to use wireless systems. Meanwhile, providers have proved themselves by adapting to new things, such as the "Healthcare Apps" that perform specific tasks quicker. For example, if a person wants to pay his/her hospital's bill within two transactions and not have to do any labor or paperwork, he/she can use "Healthcare apps" from their Smartphone, which makes it easy to pay the bill and save time. This is why apps are convenient due to their availability to run on a variety of smartphones, which allows mobile users to take advantage of the servers on the wireless network.
Similar to a system, the mobile-based distributed system is a design model that could direct the abovementioned to a restriction. Whereas, to the client-server-based computational type moves data to computation, while mobile delegated instruments move computation to data. For example, Saint Michael Medical Center has many administrator, doctors, and physicians. Even though they have a vast array of employees, they have started to use handheld devices at their work for clerical functions, to do research, and to monitor patient care. This is due to the fact
that mobility is a central feature of healthcare rescue. In this article, the author JE Bardram states that, "Clinical work are conducted in multiple places, requires surgeon to communicate and collaborate with different individuals and to move between patients, clinics, laboratories, operating theaters, and offices" in a timely manner. Nevertheless, Mobile Computing is a positive impact of technology using handheld devices that benefits workflow and patient care. Doctors can share patient records which can be accessed by multiple users from a different work location at anytime.
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