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Compare And Contrast Of The University Of South Africa And University Of Phoenix

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Compare and Contrast of the University of South Africa and University of Phoenix
In 1873, the University of the Cape of Good Hope was established; now referred as the University of South Africa or UNISA. The University of South Africa served as a model for all other branches of higher education in Africa. UNISA ultimately established itself as the examining center, not an instructional center, for Oxford and Cambridge Universities ("UNISA," n.d.). Today, the University of South Africa boasts over 300,000 students in Africa and around the world. Their graduation rates are an impressive 62.6% with 31,000 students receiving diplomas annually ("UNISA," n.d.). UNISA offers bachelors, master, and doctoral programs. While they exist in a region which is portrayed as a developing nation, the definition fails to illustrate their standards of instruction. UNISA was rated sixth in Africa and 862nd in the world out of approximately 9000 colleges and universities ("Wikipedia," n.d.). Consequently, in 1976, the University of Phoenix lunged itself into the educational arena. It was founded by a Cambridge economist, Dr. John Sperling. He was an active instructor and a visionary who desired to assist those who were less fortunate or experienced difficulty, due to employment, in attaining follow-on degrees such as bachelors or master degrees. Dr. Sperling sought to educate the working adult, which is after all, one of the primary objectives of distance education. University of Phoenix claims to have 250,000 students throughout its 200 campuses in the United States along with several foreign locations. Its graduation rates are 1% for undergraduate degrees and 4% for graduate level programs. The numbers are not as impressive as the graduation statistics UNISA boasted; however, does it define who they are? The University of South Africa and the University of Phoenix both offer distance education programs with accessibility to the same web 2.0 tools; however, the students who attend each of the two astute universities live in very different societies and have difficulties with the economical factors which limit the use.
African students were in search of an institution which could assist in their aspirations, yet local colleges could not accommodate the influx of new students. Community Colleges lacked sufficient funding to enhance the facilities; moreover, the cost of tuition was more than the students could afford. Approximately one-third of the population of Africa was drawn to the University of South Africa ("Wikipedia," n.d.). UNISA opened its doors to the optimistic students with the expectations of elevating the educational standards comparable to that of western world; however, it was regrettable that so many could not attend due to economical factors. Poverty rates are above the national average, for 52.3 percent of society struggles to survive on only a few dollars a day ("SARPN," n.d.). 26% percent of the students...

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