Compare And Contrast One Of The Poem To Another Form Of Expression Between Two Worlds

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Throughout the centuries, many people have found themselves lost between their own traditional ethnicity and the modern world. The groups of minorities are commonly put in the mainstream contemporary society and are forced to assimilate to the major civilized cultural backgrounds. As an effect, communication between an individual with his/her own people are often alienated by a huge gap. In this context, I will personally choose to cover the main purpose of this paper by comparing and contrasting the "Kiss of Death" -- a passage taken from Chicano Manifesto by Armando Rendon with the poem "Nani" by Alberto Alvardo Rios because I discovered myself to be closely related and to have the same feeling with both of authors.Initially, I will begin to analyze about the "Nani" in more details. The first time I read through this piece of literature, I could just straightforwardly picture a situation of a boy who was having dinner with his grandma with all of his blended feelings toward her. His love, empathy, respect, admiration, and appreciation are entirely dedicated to his grandmother through this poem. It is very obvious that the author centered the whole notion of the poem within his mood of delight by having this warm experience with his grandmother. This could be observed from his use of descriptive verbal and nonverbal form of interactions with "her." Nevertheless, above every single of his positive feelings, the poem's "me" found himself to be embarrassed and discomfited due to the fact that he was not able to give something back to his dearly grandmother; he felt really bad about the 'one-way service.' The action of excessive feeding by the poem's "her" somehow revealed the boundless indulgence and everlasting love that an old 'Nani' could possibly offered. Overall, "Nani" is a poem about the dilemma of miscommunication. Here, the characters' inabilities to communicate efficiently to each other are clearly influenced by the difference in language, which acted as a vital media to transfer culture from one generation to the other.In the "Kiss of Death", the author strongly clarifies the significance of Hispanic battle to fight against the force of assimilation in the mainstream American society. From Rendon's view, Hispanics should preserve their own language and legacy in order to prevent themselves from losing their own identities and being "sucked into the vacuum of the dominant society." The author, found himself used to be one of the victims of the majority 'absorption', wrote this passage with a wide range of focus especially from his personal experience as a 'stranger' in his own family and dragged under the pressure to be someone else to the time he was saved by his own people and became perfectly 'reborn' into a real Mexican-American. The use of his own quote in this passage where he mentioned, "Who am I--Who are we" suggested that he did not only talk about one's dilemma of self-identity, but the resistance of Hispanics as a whole group...

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